Chapter 29.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 29 Reader: Protagonist, you little devil!

Even after returning to the hotel, Du Ze was still in a daze: it seems they were driven out?!

The demon sisters were pleasantly surprised when they saw the red and black cards in Xiu’s hands. Xiu said a few words to them then took Du Ze with him to his room. Seeing that Xiu looked as though he wasn’t bothered by anything, Du Ze couldn’t help but ask: “What happened?”

How did you get kicked out by a sister?

Xiu seemed to think of last night, his eyes flashed with some complex emotion and he smiled helplessly: “I was rejected.”1


Wait, what did he hear?

The. Protagonist. Was. Rejected. By the sister?!

The succubus heroine was very satisfied with the appearance of the protagonist. Then … during the time of their union, she was unsatisfied with some aspect of the protagonist’s skills?

No, that can’t be! The main character of a YY novel has awesome H abilities … protagonist, can it be that your H skills have not fully developed?

The stupid reader suddenly felt as if he had learned a great truth: In “Mixed Blood,” when the protagonist attacked Agares City and met Heidi, his harem had been built and Xiu was completely “battle-hardened.” However, right now not even a shadow of the protagonist’s harem had been sighted and the only object of his kisses is a male. Xiu has no experience at all.

Du Ze felt a deep sympathy for Xiu and grabbed his hand, trying to comfort him. Du Ze’s eyes were on fire with determination: You just need to practice more. We can try again next year.

Xiu looked at their joined hands, a little puzzled at first, then he guessed what the other person was thinking. He narrowed his eyes and suddenly hugged Du Ze.

Du Ze didn’t have time to stiffen before he heard Xiu sigh in his ear: “I’m a little frustrated …”

The voice sounded like Xiu was lost. Is this the first time the protagonist had suffered such a setback? Du Ze thought it was a gross insult to the dignity of men. The stupid reader suddenly felt guilty. It was all because of his intervention; he had disrupted the plot’s timing which led to this inhuman tragedy.

Du Ze racked his brains and was able to squeeze out a few words of comfort: “It’s alright, you can learn.”

The corners of Xiu’s lips began to rise: “You can teach me?”

His question was very subtle. It wasn’t like a rhetorical question but more like a statement. Or an inquiry and an order in one.

“You know a lot … Right? ”

In the Lost Land, the dark-haired youth told the black-robed Lich: “I know a lot, you can use me.”

Will the young man reveal that he is a person who has loved and been on intimate terms with his right hand for many years? Never!

The theoretical master Du Ze said: “Words of love, kissing, caressing – those are the needed skills.”

If you want to know the specifics, please try to comprehend it yourself, young man!

“Love words … Like this?”

The touch on his ear was like a kiss and Xiu’s low, magnetic voice seemed to melt into his ear.

“I love you.”

Du Ze’s heart jumped – “boom!” He shuddered. That kind of voice that made even his bones vibrate is too much.

“I want to kiss every inch of your skin.”

An unknown emotion grew in the dim room, but there was only the sound which seemed to seep into the soul, whispering softly, low and heavy.

“I want to make your whole body smell like me.”

Du Ze only felt his scalp tingling. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and felt like he was unable to breathe, caught up in an illusion, like drowning, and even his nerve endings are intoxicated by the voice.

“Let me touch you …”2

…you little devil!3

Even though he had stepped back several paces from Xiu’s bosom, Du Ze’s ear still felt warm from Xiu’s touch. He stared blankly at Xiu, silent for a while, and then impassively appraised: “Very well done.”

This young man’s legs are soft!!!4 WTF! Yi Ye Zhi Qiu, do you know what kind of deadly weapon you have made?! No wonder the young Emperor of the Star Empire (♂) fell to the protagonist. The main character’s charm has already broken through the gender limitation and it can defeat both men and women! Heidi, for you to be able to refuse the protagonist, you’re simply incredible!

“Do you feel good? … That’s enough.” Xiu said lightly: “Next time, teach me how to kiss.”

… What?

At that moment Du Ze wondered, is it possible that in some unknown time, he will have to sell himself?

Du Ze was still bewildered when Xiu took out the space ring. A gray light flashed and an oval stone appeared in his hand. It was the auction item that Heidi bought and sent over to the protagonist. Xiu handed the stone egg to Du Ze and smiled.

“This is what you wanted.”



I’ll get it for you if you want it.

So rely on me a little more, so there is a little more *.

Whether it’s money, fame, or anything else.

I’ll be all you *.

– [black box]

(TN: The asterisks were there in the original, signifying something. It’s up to you to fill in the blanks.)


The author has something to say:

Reader: Protagonist, you little devil!

Protagonist: Reader, you little devil!

Author: So lonely.


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  1. 嫌弃- refused, rejected, disliked
  2. Literally “let me in, can you?”
  3. 磨人的小妖精 – it seems to be an idiom with no real fixed meaning. It depends on the context. It can mean Meng (cute), “sticky” (clingy), naughty, seductive, mischievous, etc. Literally “like a little spirit (fairy or even goblin).” I think “little devil” is the best English approximation.
  4. Maybe change it to “weak in the knees”

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