Chapter 37.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 37.2 – Reader: I don’t know enough about him yet.

Ariel nodded absently. Although she did not quite understand what he said, she heard the earnestness and firmness in Du Ze’s voice. She looked at the black-haired man who had resumed his usual impassive expression and could not help but write on the floor: [Why are you unwilling to express your feelings? You’re always showing an expressionless face.]1

Du Ze’s face was stiff as he calmly looked away, gazing at the elves in the distance. All of them, without exception, were coldly beautiful, glamorous, and aloof.

“They have no expression on their faces either …”

[They are different.] Ariel wrote urgently: [They are empty inside and out. They have no feelings to express.]

Du Ze was silent. In fact, he already knew that the elves have now entered a dead end and cannot come out of it.

Why is the Tree of Life polluted? What is this pollution? When the protagonist finally found a way to communicate with the Tree of Life, he learned everything.

The elves were the architects of their own destruction. The beautiful race misunderstood: they thought that unnecessary emotions would interfere with their development, so when each elf reaches a certain age they must undergo a “Rite of Passage.” They gave the Tree of Life the emotions that they think are superfluous, which made every elf emotionally detached.

For thousands of years the elves have been throwing their negative emotions into the Tree of Life. No matter how big the garbage can is, one day it will become full and overflow. The black, evil emotions from the Tree of Life spilled out – that is the pollution.

When Du Ze read about how the elves had forced the already blackened protagonist to absorb this pollution, Du Ze’s view of the elves hit rock bottom.

Ariel has not gone through the Rite of Passage because she has been neglected by the other elves, but she is helpless to stop the vicious cycle that the elves have fallen into.

Some time ago when Du Ze had asked her why he had been kidnapped, Ariel told him that it was because there was a vampire who told the elves that she had the means to deal with the pollution of the Tree of Life. As long as the elves kidnap the people she wanted from the Gnome Ruins, she would help them. The desperate elves immediately agreed to her terms. Ariel’s words had an air of great sorrow as she watched the elves rush towards their doom. Du Ze learned from Ariel that the vampire is named Anat. When he heard this strange name, the silly reader tried to recall the original plot of “Mixed Blood,” but there was no such person. Ah, this year there are more and unknown organisms …

Suddenly, from above them came the sound of leaves being trampled. Ariel stood up in panic, looking up at the top of the tree with Du Ze. A few days after his disappearance, Simon finally reappeared. A sexy woman was at his side. She was wearing a black robe that proclaimed her identity as a Necromancer.

Simon’s looked through Ariel, as if the elf princess was not there, before gesturing at Du Ze and saying to the woman: “That’s what you want.”

The pretty woman looked at Du Ze for a while before giving a cold snort, saying: “Is this how the Elves fulfill their promises? You grabbed a random man to deceive me?”

Simon took out a broken ring and coldly said, “Your ring reacted to this man and a gnome. They were standing together.”

“Gnome?” The beautiful woman’s face showed surprise and a deep, buried dread. She said disbelievingly: “How could there be a gnome!? The gnomes disappeared thirty thousand years ago!”

“But a gnome did appear. If you were to enter the Gnome Ruins, you would see the greatest enemy of the undead.” Simon’s voice was emotionless but his words were enough to make the vampire think he was mocking her. “We took this human from the Gnome Ruins, so you must fulfill your promise.”

“But what I want is the man who killed my student!” The sexy woman stared at Simon then suddenly smiled charmingly. “As you said, the ring reacted to two people. Since it is not this human, then it must be the gnome. If you can bring that gnome here, I’ll help you deal with the pollution of the Tree of Life.”

There was a flicker of fear in Simon’s eyes. He was silent for a moment, then pointed to Du Ze and said to beautiful woman: “That gnome attaches great importance to him.”

The flirtatious woman looked at Du Ze again, but this time she walked over to him.

“I wonder if you have ever heard my name from my student.” The woman stretched out her hand and her red nails lay across Du Ze’s chin: “My name is Anat, I am a Necromancer.”

Seeing the sexy woman in that familiar style of robe and hearing the word “student,” Du Ze finally remembered who Anat was – FML! Isn’t she the dark elf’s mentor?

Anat carefully looked at Du Ze’s face, trying to find out from his expression if he was shaken but she completely failed to find any trace of emotion. This was not a problem for Anat. Her fingers slid down and brushed aside Du Ze’s collar.

“I forgot to say…” Anat hugged Du Ze who tried to retreat. She put her mouth on Du Ze’s neck and her pointy canines lengthened. “I’m a vampire.”

Du Ze shivered, he didn’t know whether it was caused by the bite or because of Anat’s shocking words. Vampires are a branch of the undead. They have unparalleled control over blood, and from the blood of their victims, they can analyze a lot of information, such as thought and memory.

The loss of blood did not make Du Ze feel uncomfortable, but he knew that this was not a good thing so he tried to push the vampire away. Unfortunately, he was powerless.

Nearby, Ariel was flustered but was unable to separate Anat and Du Ze, so she could only look at Simon with eyes full of supplication.

Simon was indifferent, but when Du Ze was about to die because of excessive blood loss, he leisurely warned: “Do not kill in elven territory.”

Anat retreated a few steps to avoid Simon’s attack. With one hand on her bright red lips, she glared at Du Ze who was being held by Ariel.

“Why can’t I read your mind and your memory?”

This young man used Occlumency.2

Du Ze applied pressure to his neck. He felt so dizzy from excessive blood loss that he couldn’t stand up. He could only sit down weakly. In front of him there was a mass of color, and at last red became the dominant hue in his vision. The chaotic red seemed to be a human made of scarlet runes, almost like-

“Blood contract beast?!” Anat exclaimed as she looked at the humanoid form covered in blood red runes in front of Du Ze.

Du Ze closed his eyes. He knew that person was coming.


The author has something to say:

Reader: I don’t know enough about him yet.

Author: The following is official information.

Name: Xiu

Status: Protagonist

Favorite Person: Du Ze

Favorite Food: Du Ze

Favorite Toy: Du Ze

Favorite Bed: Du Ze


Dream: (@ protagonist)

Protagonist: Eight races play time with Du Ze.

Readers: … I don’t want to know him better. 〒▽〒


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  1. 板脸 – “tight face” meaning serious, unhappy or cold face
  2. Yeah, it’s a reference to Harry Potter. I didn’t make that up.

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