Chapter 50.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 50.1 – Reader: That’s good.

Because of his family’s glamorous and aloof “God”s Envoy,” the Pope became so worried that he felt like his hair was going to turn white.

On the day that demons came to pick up their king, when the Pope saw that Du Ze seemed to want to go with them, the Pope decisively knocked him out and brought the God’s Messenger to the Temple of Light. He wonders if this is why the God’s Envoy has been silent with a cold expression on his face ever since he woke up; he hasn’t spoken to anybody. In any case, it seems impossible to please God’s Messenger. These past few days the Pope has been trying to find out what Du Ze likes, but every attempt has failed.

If Du Ze were to learn of the Pope’s situation, he would surely advise the Pope to stop trying since @myboss is the best.

Du Ze spent his days wandering all over the Temple of Light. Some silly, cute person thought that it would useful to know the layout of the place and map out possible escape routes for when the Moe Lord strikes back at the Temple.

In the Temple of Light, people were singing praises about him and talking incessantly about the powerful and domineering God’s Messenger. Even the small feathered animal on the God’s Messenger’s head was called powerful and domineering.1 Nonetheless, Du Ze was able to get a piece of valuable information: We don’t know when Bright, the god of Light, will favor you with a meeting, therefore stay in the Temple of Light and wait for a sign. If you need anything, you can ask the servants for it.

… This young man should reply “Thanks to the Bright god for his grace.”2

After his escape attempts were all foiled, Du Ze began to wonder why the god of light was looking for him. The reader felt like he was just an NPC mascot for the Temple of Light. A bunch of people tried to raise their favorability rating with him by offering him gifts and some people even wanted to please the fat chirp on his head by trying to feed it – What sort of loot do you expect to drop here? Stupid human beings, this young man’s moral standards have already fallen! That fat chirp will only shed its fluff, not its moral integrity!3

A few days later, because of the silly, cute person’s social barrier, no one dared to disturb the cold and lofty God’s Envoy. Du Ze counted on his fingers; today is the fifth day of his separation from the Moe Lord. Xiu, having transformed twice, should be in a coma for around 10 days. On that day, Xiu was carried off by the Thunder Regiment. In “Mixed Blood,” those demon soldiers were loyal to the demon god Baal and their chief was called Rachel. The Thunder Regiment’s leader was a die-hard Baal worshipper. Because Xiu was Baal’s descendant, Rachel led the Thunder Regiment in becoming Xiu’s followers. After that, they began preparations to attack the Sky City.

Even if the timing is wrong, the plot’s trajectory is strikingly similar.

Du Ze was lost in thought for a moment. The story’s plot has progressed to this point? Suddenly, Du Ze realized that he will not be able to use spoilers to his advantage anymore. When Xiu wakes up, he can get Rachel’s support and become king of the demon race. Obviously, this means he won’t have to go to the reverse side of the continent to dominate the 72 demon cities. Now the plot has advanced so far that only the “Sky City” story arc is left, but in “Mixed Blood” Xiu attacked the Sky City in order to save Ariel. This time, Xiu has no reason to attack the Sky City.4

– I know a lot, you can use me.

Du Ze stopped walking and his eyes flashed with helplessness.

Has he been useless to the Moe Lord?

“… God’s Messenger!”

A voice interrupted Du Ze’s thoughts. He looked up and found that two of the Knights of the Temple were restraining a priest who seemed to be under arrest. The two knights greeted Du Ze courteously. The priest they were holding was the one who had called out to Du Ze, and the prisoner looked at Du Ze as though he was his last hope.

“Please, my lord! I am not guilty… !”

One of the knights hit the priest on the stomach. The priest held his stomach in agony and stopped speaking. The other Temple Knight said respectfully to Du Ze: “Pray excuse us, we are sending this criminal to the House of Sinners.”

The House of Sinners is the place where the Temple of Light disposes of criminals. No one returns alive from that place and their corpses do not leave intact. The priest looked a little weak but also very honest and simple. Du Ze didn’t know what the priest had done to be sent to the House of Sinners but he stared at the priest’s face that had a huge scar across his nose. Du Ze’s heart beat faster. He knows a person who was one of Xiu’s best friends. Xiu rescued him from some mercenaries, but that person betrayed Xiu to the Temple of Light and the black-robed skeleton cut him across the nose, leaving a scar.

Seeing Du Ze staring at the priest, one of the Temple Knights explained: “This criminal is a thief.”

The priest was still hissing in agony but struggled to defend himself by saying: “I… No… This is not true, I have no reason to steal the Saint’s things.”

The knight said disdainfully: “Everyone knows that your family is poor.”

The priest asked a rhetorical question in disbelief: “My family is poor… Does that mean I’m going to steal something?”

—— He transformed into the undead form, does that mean he is evil?

Du Ze stared at the priest with a scar on his face and when he spoke his voice was as dry as though it was not his own: “… What’s your name?”

The two knights were stunned because God’s Messenger was rumored to be indifferent to everything and never spoke. Now God’s Messenger opened his mouth to ask the name of the person they had arrested.

The priest’s eyes lit up as he tried to kneel in front of Du Ze and said in an excited voice:

“Daniel. God’s Messenger, my name is Daniel.” Daniel’s gaze was filled with hope: “God’s Messenger … Please believe that I did not steal.”

Du Ze’s blood went cold. It is Daniel. This scum was the reason that the Moe Master could no longer believe in others.

The Temple Knights seemed to have misunderstood and thought that Du Ze plans to save Daniel. One of them hurriedly said: “God’s Messenger, perhaps you don’t know but this person is not someone who was qualified to enter the Temple. He is here because he came running to the Saint with a shameless request.”

The other Temple Knight said: “Yes, in order to enter the Temple, this man betrayed his companion- “

“I didn’t!” Daniel interrupted the Temple Knight’s words and tried to explain to Du Ze: “That was not my companion! He is evil. I asked the Saint to destroy evil!”

… This is why you rescued Xiu then betrayed him? To win a place in the Temple of Light?

Daniel looked up at Du Ze hopefully. He saw the black-haired youth bent down over him slightly and whispered softly in his ear: “Daniel, sorry, the best thing you can do now is to enter the House of Sinners.

——“Xiu, sorry, the best thing you can do now is to die.”

When the Knights of the Temple dragged Daniel away, the priest’ face was disbelieving. Du Ze did not feel the least bit of sympathy.

Giving someone hope then replacing it with despair, that is the most cruel thing in the world.

Kelly betrayed Xiu. Rose and Eddie gave up on Xiu. Daniel betrayed Xiu. Because of arrogance, jealousy, and greed, they killed Xiu’s natural disposition with a knife.

Even if Xiu once again acts on the side of justice, the Xiu who used to laugh and risk his life for strangers will never come back.

This is Daniel. Image from the manhua.

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  1. God’s Messenger and the Phoenix are called 威武霸气. 威武 – powerful, mighty. 霸气 – overbearing, domineering.
  2. 谢主隆恩吗 – “(I/We) Thank the Emperor for his grace” a stock expression used in court in Ancient China.
  3. No idea what Du Ze is blabbering about.
  4. When Du Ze read “Mixed Blood” the novel was unfinished and was in the middle of the “Sky City” story arc.

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