Chapter 50.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 50.2 – Reader: That’s good.

On the eighth day, the god of light finally turned over some silly, cute person’s tablet.

emperor choosing concubine
This was the custom in Ancient China. A tray full of tablets with concubines’ names engraved on them is presented to the emperor. He turns over the one with the name of the concubine he wants to spend the night with. Image source: Xuan Ji Ci

Du Ze looked blankly at the two birds’ wings … *cough* two angels, a male and a female. The two of them are Du Ze’s “acquaintances.” The male angel was the one he saw in the Lost Land and the female wa the younger sister (harem member) that the Moe Lord loved to bully and formed a blood contract with in “Mixed Blood” – Lilia.

“God’s Messenger, please follow us to the Sky City, the god of light wants to see you.”

Du Ze instantly understood why the original Xiu particularly liked to bully Lilia. Her overbearing attitude really made a person want to bully her until she cried. Vivian gives off a healing atmosphere and is more approachable, but though she seems soft outside, inside she is hard. On the other hand, Lilia is too arrogant. She is hard and outspoken both inside and outside. However, the god of light thinks highly of her attitude.

Lilia frowned as Du Ze, with an impassive face, expressed his refusal. Her fair eyebrows scrunched up and she immediately crushed a crystal with a symbol engraved on it. Du Ze did not have time to react before he found that he had been teleported. When he opened his eyes again, he had arrived at an exceptionally bright world.

Du Ze was standing in a walled city. The city did not have any land, only layers of white clouds. The sky was underneath his feet. This is a city floating in the sky.

-There is a city in the sky.

This is a widely circulated legend in the Chaotic Continent. All living beings know of a city in the sky, but no one knows where it is.

Du Ze immediately felt tired and disappointed.1 Now, for Xiu to rescue him, he will have to attack the Sky City – Wait a minute, this kind of “fate is inevitable” feeling is… It’s you, plot god?! You’re being naughty again!

The main color of the Sky City is white. Maybe it is because it is located above the white clouds where there is a lot of light, but the effect is quite dazzling. Du Ze was held tightly by the two angels. Lilia bowed in front of the temple reverently.

“My God, I have brought the person you want.”

The temple was silent for a moment then the huge door opened slowly, revealing a path only big enough for one person.

Wait, this is unscientific! Ah, **** it, this young man doesn’t have any good equipment and this fluffy Moe pet hasn’t leveled up enough, yet you make this young man meet the final BOSS?!

Some silly, cute person who had lost his mind was shoved into the temple . At the exact moment when he was pushed into the temple, Du Ze didn’t know why but he had a feeling that today was the last day of the agreement.2

The door closed behind Du Ze’s back. The temple darkened for a moment then immediately brightened. A humanoid made of light waves stood opposite Du Ze. It had no facial features, just two black holes for eyes and another for a mouth. It quietly glowed in the dim temple.

This is the god of light, “Mixed Blood’s” BOSS?


The small Phoenix felt threatened and fluffed itself up. It fanned its tiny wings and its chubby, round, ball-like body flew in front of Du Ze to try to block the danger. However, the light creature simply looked at the small Phoenix and the fluffy ball swayed in the air before falling. Du Ze quickly caught it in his hand and worriedly examined it.

“I just made it faint.” The humanoid light figure opened its vaguely outlined mouth and its ethereal voice echoed majestically in the empty temple.

Du Ze stared at the figure: “Are you the god of light?”

The figure made of light nodded its blurry-looking head. “My body is in the world of the gods; what you see now is my projection. The Chaos Continent can’t withstand my godly presence, so all I could do was to send my believers to find you. But they failed twice.”

Twice? Once was in the Gnome Ruins and the other time… ?

Du Ze thought of the angel that he just saw and finally he remembered that a long time ago, he and Xiu met a gnome and an angel while they were in the pillar of light in the Lost Land. Those two said they were looking for a person with black hair and eyes. Then the person they were looking for was not Xiu, but Du Ze?

“I have been waiting for you,” said the god of light. “You are the chosen one.”

Even though the figure’s face was blurry, Du Ze could still see that the god was bluffing.

Do you think this young man is the type of man who will suddenly agree to take on a hero’s quest just because a god says “I look up to you”?

“You’ve got the wrong person.”

The eyes of the humanoid light figure opposite Du Ze seemed to absorb all of the light.

“No.” He said: “In this world, you are special.”

Du Ze’s heart leapt and a “boom” sounded in his brain. He asked: “You know …”

–that I am not a person of this world?

Half of the sentence was stopped by an invisible force but the god of light seemed to expect it and gently nodded. Even if it was just a guess, the god of light seemed to know Du Ze’s identity. Du Ze was still ignorant of many things. He stared at the figure made of light and wanted to ask about a lot of things, but what he finally said was: “I will go back?”

The god of light tried to examine Du Ze’s reaction, but the black-haired youth’s face had no expression at all, so he asked: “You want to go back?”

Du Ze was silent for a moment then asked: “How can I go back?”

The god smiled in satisfaction, and he finally found the man *. (Translator’s Note: There is an asterisk here, fill in the blank.)

“You must destroy evil – you know who it is. If you kill that evil person, you can go back.” A luminous spot divided itself from the figure and was floated motionless in front of Du Ze. The voice of the god of light was almost bewitching: “Accept this power. It can help you fulfill your wish.”


The god of light gazed at Du Ze’s bloodless face, stressing: “If you don’t kill him, you’ll never be able to go back.”

“… That’s good.”

The god of light was stunned. He could not describe Du Ze’s expression that was relieved yet pained, full of deep bottomless emotion and gentleness.

“I can stay with him until the end.”3

The voice of the god of light was full of disbelief: “Don’t you want to go back?”

In the end, that world has relatives.

Du Ze pressed on the earphones: “I miss them…”

Before the god of light had a chance to rejoice, he saw the black-haired youth lower his eyes: “But…”

In the end, this world has Xiu.

Du Ze’s voice is very soft but extremely resolute.

“I’ll never kill him, even if I have to stay here forever.”

He liked Xiu and, from the moment he opened “Mixed Blood,” he liked it.


The author has something to say: Recently a lot of things have happened and it was postponed for more than a day. In the next chapter, the Demon Lord will come to get his bride. [Hello!]

The following is the general outline of the “Mixed Blood”:

Orphanage (Human) → Magic-Martial School → Magic Tower Test → The Race → The Temple (Awakening the Undead Blood) → Fugitive → Lost Land → Time Corridor → Elven Forest (Awakening the Elf Blood) → Mercenary Team → Gnome Ruins (Awakening the Gnome Blood) → Ice Crystal Grass Task → Star Empire → Weapons Competition → Ariel’s Sacrifice → The Reverse Side of the Continent (Awakening the Demon Blood) → Sky City


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  1. The raw said (不爱) “not love.”
  2. I think he means the agreement with Xiu.
  3. My translation of 陪他一直走下去了. I guess literally it’s “accompany him walking down/all the way.”

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