Chapter 51.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 51.1 – Protagonist: The one month deadline is now.

Light shone through the stained glass wall, creating multicolored patterns on the floor. For a long time, the huge temple was eerily quiet. The god of light’s two dark eyes were staring at Du Ze. That person’s reaction had produced a cognitive dissonance and the god was wondering where he had made a mistake.

When the god spoke again, his voice had regained its solemnity.

“If you do not destroy him, you will die.”

The humanoid light figure smiled. With its curved mouth and its two black holes for eyes, its face looked like a clown mask.

“Do you think he won’t raise a hand against you?” The voice of the god of light had a delicate timbre, like a hint of irony and also a threat. “If he knew what you’ve done, do you think he’ll forgive you?”1

Du Ze’s heartbeat sped up and became irregular, pumping painfully in his chest. All along he had been so afraid of telling Xiu: This young man is the main reason why you were deserted by your friends and allies.

Therefore he is unable to return Xiu’s feelings. If Xiu wanted anything, he would give it, but wanting him is not good because Xiu will regret it.

——I’m sorry, Xiu.


The ground shook violently. Du Ze couldn’t find a stable footing and almost fell down. The noise seemed to be a prelude to some event since there was a commotion outside and panicked voices could be heard even inside the temple

“My God! The demons are attac- ”

Her voice suddenly stopped. Du Ze felt a little bit of weight on his back as the air nearby was disturbed. He turned his head and saw the blood contract beast’s face that was made of runes.

——I found you.

The light god grunted and the blood contract beast’s body broke apart. The red runes floated to the temple’s gate and stuck there, outlining the gate in a scarlet pattern. The runes slowly dissolved the gate until it became a powdery substance that was blown away by the wind. A demon was standing right outside the gate, the light shining from behind outlining his body.

“Come here.”

Just those words… whenever he hears that familiar call, whenever and wherever, Du Ze will go to that person.

Seeing Du Ze walk away, the god of light sighed. A ball of light flew to Du Ze’s side, turned into a snake-like rope made of light, and tied up Du Ze. A purple electric flash sliced through the light rope. Xiu, his speed enhanced by his wings, used his sword to cut the humanoid light figure, but one touch was enough to let Xiu know that the enemy is made of pure energy. All physical attacks are ineffective.

Xiu did not pause and immediately unleashed his lightning power. With a “boom! crackle!” sound, the humanoid figure burst apart. Electric arcs leaped everywhere. Above the temple, the faint outline of the light figure could be seen as the god of light reformed the humanoid figure. He looked down at Xiu as though he was looking at an excessively naughty child.

There are light elements all around, so the god of light cannot be extinguished. All light is the weapon of the god of light.


A sizzling sound filled the air as Xiu’s skin burned and began to smoke wherever the light touched his body. Du Ze had disappeared; obviously, the god of light was playing tricks on him. 2 Xiu retreated to the shadows. The god waved and the temple suddenly darkened as all the light elements were gathered in front of the god, dazzling the eyes so that no one can look at it directly.

“I am the god of light. Evil can only hide in the darkness. I will not let you hide.”

“Ah …” Xiu looked up, revealing a pair of purple eyes with the demon’s vertical pupils: “Let’s see who will really … have no place to hide!”

Two terrifyingly powerful elemental forces collided as enormous flashes of lightning bombarded the god of light and the light elements in front of him. Du Ze had to cover his eyes with his hands; that terrible clash of powers could burn out a man’s eyes.

Xiu’s eyes grew brighter and brighter and the purple lightning gradually turned gold, becoming half solid. The god of light hadn’t expected Xiu to have this sort of power and started drawing more power for himself. Because Xiu had gotten the drop on him, the god of light became careless and accidentally drew too much power.


At that instant, Du Ze felt himself drawn into a familiar bosom and Xiu used his wings to envelop two people.


The whole temple exploded, forming a vacuum in the form of a ball of light. The warring angels and demons paused for a moment to look at the temple. After the explosion of light, the temple was destroyed. The ruins smoked and a pair of bat wings unfolded, exposing two people.

Xiu was holding Du Ze, his head on Du Ze’s shoulder – he avoided most of the force of the explosion but his wings were injured. There was no trace of the god of light. Xiu’s eyes narrowed – he could sense that during the battle, the enemy was just about to overwhelm him when suddenly, some mysterious existence removed his enemy from the fight. The power he was using therefore went out of balance and exploded.

The god of light…

Du Ze felt Xiu relax his hold slightly. He tried to crawl away from Xiu’s arms, but because Xiu was holding his waist he couldn’t get up. The demon gazed at him and suddenly said, in a very intimate and dangerous voice: “The one month deadline is now, what is your reply?”

One month ago, the Moe Master confessed to his family’s silly, cute reader. The silly, cute reader asked for a month’s time to think about it. Therefore his death sentence was suspended for one month.

Du Ze stared into Xiu’s demonic vertical pupils and somehow felt a “if you dare to refuse I will kill you” sense of crisis. Some silly, cute person swallowed with difficulty and carefully asked: “Can I ask a question?”

Xiu reached out and started stroking the back of Du Ze’s neck: “Well?”

Clearly this was Xiu’s way of controlling him. However, Du Ze didn’t know why but he felt at ease. He was already used to Xiu saying “come here” to him. He was used to Xiu stroking the back of his neck. He was used to all of Xiu’s mannerisms.

Du Ze pressed on his headphones; his heart beat quickly and when he spoke it was like every word would make his heart jump right out of his mouth: “If I told you that the reason why you were abandoned by everyone is me, would you still persist in wanting this?”

This is the reader, Du Ze, revealing his cruelest secret to the protagonist of “Mixed Blood.”

Xiu seemed to be a little surprised, perhaps because he had rarely heard Du Ze say such a long sentence or perhaps because he was surprised by what he said. Du Ze stared at Xiu, his expression blank; only he knew that he was on the verge of dying inside. A few words from Xiu will determine his fate.

His hold on Du Ze’s neck tightened, but it was just Xiu moving closer. Xiu’s mouth curved up in a charming smile that made people unable to look away from him.

“Since you are the one who caused it,” said Xiu. “Then you have to take responsibility for me.”

Du Ze looked at Xiu who had imperiously demanded that Du Ze take responsibility for him. Some silly, cute person’s habitual facial paralysis was unable to hide his reaction or stop him from making a silly face.

It was as if the sun had broken through the clouds. He had been released from a heavy burden and all his worries disappeared.

Du Ze and Xiu looked at each other. Du Ze’s lips gently curved.

“I’ll take responsibility for you.”

Once upon a time, there was this novel called “Mixed Blood.” The protagonist of the novel was called Xiu, and there was a reader named Du Ze. In the novel, the protagonist lost everything because of the reader; in the novel, the reader gave up everything for the protagonist. What happened then?

The reader and protagonist fell in true love.

xiu and du ze

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  1. Literal – Do you think he’ll let you go?
  2. 做手脚 – covertly playing tricks

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