Chapter 55 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 55 Reader: I think I can salvage it.

The silver dragon held Du Ze in his hands and circled the island. Instinct told Xiu that he needed to find a nest that was safe and secluded to shelter and hide his treasures, such as the one he had on his hand. He could hardly wait to enjoy his possession.

Unaware of the looming crisis, Du Ze kept looking back to make sure those dragons really weren’t chasing after them. When he didn’t spot any dragons for some time, the reader finally felt relieved; all he could think of was going to the author’s house to check his water meter.1

Even though he hadn’t read the update, Du Ze can still guess the main plot of the Dragon Island: Men conquer the world; women, by conquering men, conquer the world. In “Mixed Blood,” the dragon race conquered the world; the Moe Lord, by conquering the females, conquers the dragon race.

This whole “last silver dragon” and “declining dragon birth rate” plot was the work of Yiye Zhiqiu’s fallen moral integrity. Having the protagonist push down a few younger sisters wasn’t enough for the crazy author; he made the Moe Lord push down an entire race! The most shameful thing was, if it wasn’t Xiu but another protagonist, this young man would think “shame… shame… but so Moe, too Moe!”

The author had the reader captive and his moral integrity has fallen.

As the hole in Du Ze’s brain was getting larger (his thoughts were getting crazier), Xiu landed on a towering peak. The silver dragon folded his wings and stood on a cliff, tail hanging down and claws firmly grasping the stone. In front of them was a crevasse. The silver dragon put his head in and looked down. Satisfied, he bit Du Ze’s collar and slowly climbed down.

It was dark in the crevasse and the silver dragon’s enormous body blocked out the light. Du Ze couldn’t see anything as Xiu climbed down through winding paths and then entered a huge cave. Although Du Ze could feel a gentle breeze as air entered the cave, the light did not penetrate inside. Du Ze opened his eyes in the dark; even though his eyes had adjusted to the dark for a while, he still could not see anything. Xiu did not know why did not cast magic to light up the cave. The complete darkness made Du Ze feel very uneasy, as though there was some kind of fierce beast lurking in the dark, eyeing him.

His foot made contact with hard stone; Xiu had put him down. Du Ze turned around to look at Xiu but all he could see in the dark was a difficult to discern pair of dark red eyes.

Du Ze automatically called out: “Xiu?”

The silver dragon can see even in the absence of light. In the dark, the silver dragon stared at his bewildered “treasure.” His treasure was so small that he could grasp it with one hand – the thought gave him an indescribable thrill. As long as he hid it in his nest and held it in his claws, no one could covet his treasure.

The silver dragon glanced at the fluffy ball on top of Du Ze’s head. Using spatial magic, Xiu sent the small Phoenix away. Because the weight of the fluffy ball is very light and the cave was too dark, some silly, cute person did not realize what Xiu had done. The silver dragon circled around him excitedly, stroking Du Ze’s body with the tip of his tail, but the thick scales weren’t very sensitive so the silver dragon bent down and started to touch the black-haired youth with his tongue.

This man, only he can enjoy.

Du Ze was startled when a soft warm object suddenly touched him. Some silly, cute person’s reflex was to avoid that thing, but suddenly he was pinned down on the ground by the silver dragon’s claw, unable to move. The soft thing was very flexible and went under the hem of his shirt, sliding back and forth on his body. Du Ze finally realized it was Xiu’s tongue. It pulled on his clothes until the clothes on his upper body were torn off. Du Ze tried to grab some pieces of clothing to cover himself. In the dark he couldn’t see what exactly Xiu was doing, but he heard him panting more and more heavily. The pieces of cloth in his hands told Du Ze that his situation this time was not too good.

“… Xiu? You-”

His headphones were suddenly unplugged so Du Ze’s words stopped short. The silver dragon took off his headphones wires and the fragments of his clothing. Once the obstacles were removed, he licked Du Ze’s body with his tongue.For the silver dragon, Du Ze is too small, plus Du Ze was pinned down by his claw, so his tongue can only lick a small part of him. He could only taste part of him and the more he licked the more he wanted to taste, like licking an addictive poison. The silver dragon panted as he stared at Du Ze under his claw. The black-haired youth’s skin was red and his bare upper body had been licked so much that it was covered with a thin film of fluid. His taste and his looks are both delicious and seductive.

Some silly, cute person trembled as he looked above him. He thought that Xiu had not been affected by the fruit, but now it seems that he was still too naive. The protagonist is in heat. The reader normally likes the kind of YY plot where the spring medicine (an aphrodisiac) is used and the harem is in the same room as the protagonist … but now the bitter reader was forced to deal with the spring drug himself. He felt despair at the thought of the Moe Lord being fed an aphrodisiac. He doesn’t mind helping Xiu but …the size difference this time is just too much! Ah!

His entire body was the size of one of the Moe Lord’s hand.

Du Ze swallowed his saliva and he stared at that pair of dark red eyes. Even if his headphones have been removed, he thought he could salvage the situation.


Du Ze had just spit out a word when his voice was immediately cut off as his pants were torn off. That warm, soft, damp tongue wrapped around his lower body. That flexible, soft, slippery tongue delicately caressed the skin of his thighs and swept across his skin, not leaving even the slightest gap. Du Ze felt as though all his pores were blocked and even suffered from the illusion of being suffocated.

Xiu’s eyes were becoming redder and redder. Du Ze’s taste strongly stimulated his senses.

The implication was not said but a strong sense of crisis was in Du Ze’s heart as he struggled and stammered: “Xiu, this is not… it’s impossible–”

Even if only his instincts are left, Xiu know that it would be difficult to continue this way – the man he wants to mate with is only the size of his claw. The dragon race’s innate knowledge provided a solution to his dilemma. Each dragon inherits knowledge from the previous generation about how to use his body correctly and effectively. Whether it’s spreading his wings to fly, or using the dragon language, or… changing into human form.

Du Ze felt the weight on his body lighten as the dragon claw that pinned him down disappeared – it wasn’t lifted up, it disappeared. Du Ze had just sat up when he was pinned to the ground again by a hot body. His long, cool hair slid down Du Ze’s body, and his skin felt smooth and supple, like the silver dragon’s scales. Du Ze was surprised. The body pressing down on him was that of a man. Did the Moe Lord suddenly switch channels?

In a flash, his chin was kissed by that person. Du Ze’s eyes were wide as he saw that the person had red eyes – it’s the silver dragon’s red eyes. The master of the red eyes grabbed Du Z’s chin and forced him to open his mouth. He kissed Du Ze deeply; his tongue domineering, like a king inspecting his territory, showing a strong possessive desire. Du Ze frowned uncomfortably. The kiss made him suffocate so he stretched out his hand to try to push him away, but because of their position his fingers only touched the side of Xiu’s face – there was a thin piece of skin there shaped like a fin where the ears would be on a human.

There is no doubt that the man who is pressing on his body is Xiu in humanoid dragon form. Du Ze’s sense of crisis did not abate. Even though he had changed into human form, Xiu’s every movement is full aggression; those red eyes of his were full of extreme longing and madness.


(Translator’s note: This is the SFW chapter. Parts have been removed. The full chapter is on another website. Please visit the Novelupdates page for the link to that chapter.)


The author has something to say:

Protagonist: After you have your 0-point restore, we can continue.
Readers: … I think I can save it.
Author: (profound look) The dragon nature is kinky.


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  1. “Open the door, we’re here to check the water meter” is supposedly a stock phrase used by the police but these days it commonly used to ridicule people. For example, when someone posts vulgar/banned content in forums, the moderators or other posters will say “check the water meter.”

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