Chapter 56.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 56.1 Protagonist: Don’t be afraid of me.

As time passed, the silver dragon began to impatiently circle around Du Ze. His passion was surging higher and higher because of the dragon heart fruit, but his mind was slowly trying to sober him down and insisting: This person is different. Even if the pain is enough to make him want to die, he shouldn’t take it out on Du Ze.

Du Ze was curled up on the ground. All traces of his miserable experience had been erased. As the silver dragon stared at Du Ze’s smooth skin, his breath became fiery and he was unable to stop himself from licking Du Ze again. After he licked, Du Ze opened his eyes. The black-haired youth’s eyes were slightly dazed, like an ignorant child, but when the two people’s eyes met, Xiu saw Du Ze start to tremble and terror kept flashing across the youth’s normally impassive face.

He is … afraid?

The silver dragon wrapped his tail tip around Du Ze’s waist, but this made Du Ze’s trembling even worse than before.

Du Ze was scared out of his wits when he saw that Xiu’s eyes were still red and he was still in a mating frenzy. Yesterday was like walking through hell, and in the end he did not doubt he would be killed by the Moe Lord. Thinking of the pain as his body felt like it was being torn up, he started trembling; when the silver dragon wrapped his tail around his waist, Du Ze stopped breathing.

In the next moment, Xiu turned into his humanoid form and used his great strength to hug Du Ze tightly. Xiu’s hold was tight, not just to stop Du Ze’s trembling, but also to restrain the madness in Xiu’s body.

An intense heat came from Xiu’s body. When he felt something hard poking his abdomen, some silly, cute person instantly froze. However, Xiu didn’t make a move; he just held Du Ze and his hot breath swept Du Ze’s ear as he said: “Don’t be afraid of me.”

Xiu said those words in a depressed way. He just wanted to hold the man in his arms tighter so that there was no gap between them, but Du Ze’s reaction made him feel as though his body had been hollowed out. The fire of his desire surged higher and the depths of his body seemed to have only emptiness and fear. Xiu’s silver hair darkened with sweat as he panted violently while carefully grasping Du Ze’s neck, hands, and feet. He wanted to get tangled up in this person to control his insanity.

Du Ze couldn’t hear what Xiu was saying, but he was vaguely aware that Xiu was trying to cram Du Ze into his own flesh and blood. They were so close that every movement of Xiu’s chest muscles as he breathed was felt by Du Ze in his own body, making him confused as he didn’t know if it was him or Xiu who was breathing. Xiu panted desperately, as though he was unable to get enough oxygen, but was trying to control himself for Du Ze’s sake. Seeing Xiu in such pain, Du Ze felt helpless. The current situation seemed to indicate that the Moe Lord had regained some of his reason. Perhaps he could try to communicate with Xiu?

However, before Du Ze could speak, Xiu suddenly let go of him. Xiu transformed into his dragon shape and stared at the entrance to the cave with blood-red eyes as he breathed white fire at it. The white flames blasted away the rocks at the entrance, clearing a straight passage through the mountain wall. Light was finally able to enter, dispersing the darkness of the cave. Du Ze had to squint because he had been in the dark for too long. He saw a huge shadow flap its wings and descend.

It was the black dragon, Muir.

When he saw the black dragon appear, the silver dragon’s first move was to cover Du Ze with his wings so that no others can see him. The black dragon was astonished by the silver dragon’s protective movement. Muir was holding a blue fruit. When he discovered that the silver dragon and Du Ze seemed all right, the black dragon felt relieved.

After leaving the Dragon Tomb, the black dragon learned about what occurred from the other dragons. When he heard that the silver dragon’s reaction to the dragon heart fruit was to carry away his Dragon Knight, the black dragon’s first impulse was to search his memories – perhaps that black-haired human was not a male but a female?

Then the black dragon panicked and flew around until he found the antidote to the dragon heart fruit. Once found, he began to look around for the silver dragon. That human was definitely very weak and will undoubtedly be killed by the silver dragon that was crazed from the dragon heart fruit.

The black dragon does not care whether Du Ze is dead or alive; what he cared about is Hilda’s only offspring. Since the silver dragon rejected all the female dragons and chose his Dragon Knight, the black dragon knew that the silver dragon might be stepping on the same path as Hilda who followed her own Dragon Knight in death.

The silver dragon used his tail to give Du Ze’s clothes and headphones back. Just as the black dragon was about to speak, he saw the silver dragon’s mouth open again, ready to spew forth more dragon fire. Xiu’s desire had been bottled up for too long. Since he can’t relieve his desires on Du Ze, this was his only way of venting his emotions.

The black dragon avoided the blast. Looking carefully at the silver dragon, he saw that the other’s reason had not been restored yet. The silver dragon’s eyes are still red with desire and madness. The black dragon did not hesitate anymore. He took the fruit and dived into the cave, trying to approach the silver dragon. The silver dragon stopped spraying dragon fire and started to use dragon magic. Immediately, a number of blades came from all directions, all aiming at the same place. Even if dragons are protected by extremely tough scales, being cut in the same place will cause harm.

The black dragon advanced some distance towards the silver dragon and used his own dragon magic.

“Dark Art.”

Xiu’s vision became completely dark for a moment. The black dragon tried to take advantage of this opportunity but when he was about to make contact, the silver dragon disappeared. The black dragon raised his head; above the cave the silver dragon was flying and in his claws, completely concealed, was the black-haired youth. Capturing a silver dragon is extremely difficult since they have interspatial magic and no one can tell where it will appear next. Only by blocking the entire area around the dragon or by waiting until the silver dragon was tired, would it be possible to touch the silver dragon.

The space around the black dragon suddenly expanded explosively as the silver dragon began to use advanced space magic. The black dragon ignore his wounded tail as he stared at the silver dragon. He did not choose the “mania” technique instead of the exhaustion technique.

The silver dragon’s pupils were constricted to the extreme because of the dragon’s heart fruit and the dark magic that was making him lose all reason.


Du Ze was covered by Xiu’s claws. His clothes were only half-on and he had not been able to put his headphones on yet but he still heard a “bang bang” sound like firecrackers. Since he can hear the explosions even without his headphones, he can imagine how scary the explosion must be.

When the violent spatial anomalies had subsided, the entire cave had been reduced to rubble strewn on the ground, which showed traces of twisted space. The silver dragon fanned its wings and landed. This time Xiu appeared somewhat tired but he was still breathing fire. He let go of Du Ze and saw that some silly, cute person’s clothes were all messy since he had dressed in a panic. Seeing this, the silver dragon trembled in excitement.

Du Ze, now equipped with headphones, looked up to see a blood-covered black dragon suddenly attack Xiu from the back. This time the silver dragon was not able to avoid him via his instantaneous spatial shifting magic and was knocked down. The two dragons caused an earthquake when they fell in the ground. Du Ze was thrown out of his feet and rolled on the ground. When he finally stopped and stood up, he saw that the black dragon was forcing a fruit into the silver dragon’s mouth.

The silver dragon’s body was quite tense for a moment as though he had eaten something very disgusting. He struggled so hard that even the black dragon was not able to suppress him. After he flung the black dragon aside, the silver dragon felt sick and began to dry heave until he spit out a small red fruit – a sliver of the dragon heart fruit.

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