Chapter 78.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 78.2 : Reader: Why give up treatment?

Du Ze massaged his lower back and waist. Even though his 0-point restore had refreshed his body to its former state, he still felt as though his lower body had a loading error – yesterday’s vine-entangled position was simply a challenge to the limits of the human body!

This is the so-called “the pink is cut and it’s black inside”1 and the most coldly elegant characters are really the most perverted … what’s with the plant tentacle play? Don’t say anything more or I’ll cry.2

Ariel noticed Du Ze’s distress. She walked over to him and asked with careful gestures: [Du Ze, did you sleep well yesterday? ]

Du Ze shook his head, meaning no, and Ariel smiled in relief.

[That’s good, I was also uneasy and didn’t sleep well yesterday.]

Seeing Du Ze’s questioning look, Ariel gestured at her pointed ears and gestured, in a puzzled way: [Yesterday, it sounded like someone was crying. Du Ze, did you hear it?]


Du Ze, the source of the noise, silently swallowed the blood he was about to cough up: Can this young man tell you that it was because the Moe Lord was … doing this and that? Young lady, you were …. listening … to it … ah?

It was only then that a silly, cute person realized that their harmonious interaction yesterday could also be called a battlefield operation. He looked around him stiffly, not sure if only Ariel had heard or whether the others had, too, and showed no reaction.

… Life is hard, so cut me some slack.

Xiu summoned the unicorn and three-headed hell-hound and had the rest of the team mount up while he rode on the black dragon with the melancholy Du Ze. They began to move towards the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life, with its jade green leaves and surrounded by a mirror-like lake, looked heartrendingly beautiful in the moonlight. The wind lifted Xiu’s silver hair, revealing his pointy ears. Xiu silently looked down at the canopy of the Tree of Life. He heard the sounds of battle and it came from the direction of –

Muir’s body jerked. He folded his wings and suddenly dived down into the dense tree canopy. Du Ze instinctively protected his face with his arms as they pass through layers of branches. The black dragon landed heavily on a flower-bed. Du Ze lowered his arms and saw that they were near the altar that he had seen before at the Tree of Life.

Because the black dragon appeared, both sides stopped fighting for a moment. Du Ze was able to observe that the circular altar was covered with a light shield. A number of elves holding bows were clustered near the Tree of Life. The golden bough, as always, was above a small pool, dripping golden sap. A very beautiful female elf stood by the little pool and she was obviously the leader of the elves. The expression on her face was as cold as frost; even from far away, she looked like a person made of ice.

There were seven demons, all of them injured, opposite the altar. When they saw Rachel descend, there was a commotion among them and they saluted her, saying: “Rachel!”

Unexpectedly, these were members of the scattered Thunder Regiment. They lined themselves up and presented the black flames of their tickets to the Tower of God to Rachel. The demons said: “Third, Ninth, Eleventh, Seventeenth, and Twentieth squads, reporting.”

Rachel looked around at the group of demons and her normally calm expression changed slightly. Five squads should be 30 people but now there are only seven of them and all of them have injuries. Rachel pushed her monocle up then gestured for them to give their tickets to Xiu.

The demons were puzzled when they saw the elf Xiu but they obeyed Rachel’s orders. Xiu received their black flames and the people who met by a happy accident spoke together. However, the elves at the altar started attacking again. The goddess commanded the elves to form up and they suddenly sent a rain of arrows towards the attackers.

The arrow rain was quite dense and it was impossible to dodge them all. The black dragon used his dragon flame to clear the area. Rachel tried to seize the chance to attack the elves at the altar but the other demons stopped her.

“Your Excellency! No one can enter the magical shield. It is immune to all attack. We cannot destroy it. Only arrows can penetrate that shield!”

When he heard what the demons said, Du Ze realized that this was the tower’s way of forcing the tower climbers to use the bow and arrows. He stared at the female elf, dead certain that she was the ruler of the elven gods. Compared to the dragon god Io, the elf god looked like a glass cannon3 BOSS, but she is particularly difficult to defeat since only bow and arrow attacks can damage her.

While they were conversing, the second round of arrows came. This time the elves used magic arrows so not only did the black dragon’s flame not stop them, it even increased their attack power. Even though the black dragon was able to slap away the arrows with his tail, his tail sustained heavy damage from the impact.


Hot dragon blood from Muir’s tail watered the flower bed. It seemed that this battle was not quite suitable for the dragon to fight in.

After receiving the report about the shield, Xiu drew an arrow from his back, nocked it on his bow, and shot it at the altar. The space around the altar was open, with no place for the elves to take cover or hide. When Xiu shot at them, the elf god Corellon did not dodge. She strung her bow and shot down Xiu’s arrows.

Xiu did not stop and shot three arrows at once. The elf goddess glanced at it then strung her bow again. Unexpectedly, she used five arrows. When Corellon’s first arrow was about to hit Xiu’s second arrow, Xiu’s third arrow suddenly accelerated and hit the tail of the second arrow, changing its direction and increasing its power. The arrow pierced the forest god’s throat, killing him instantly, before anyone could react.

Corellon’s expression finally showed a hint of surprise. She looked at the solemn silver-haired elf and determined her main target. The elf gods collectively aimed at Xiu. In this trial, Old John and the others can’t help much. They cannot attack the elves at the altar because of the shield. All they can do is help protect Xiu. Rachel and the other demons were able to block most of the arrows but Corellon’s arrows were too treacherous. No one could interfere in the archery duel between her and Xiu.

Refraction arrows, acceleration arrows, multiple arrows, traction arrows … All kinds of archery skills dazzled Du Ze with their complexity. Although the elf at the altar did not have room to dodge, Xiu is the one at a disadvantage in this battle because the elf goddess has … the Tree of Life’s golden sap.

Just a drop of the sap can heal all of a person’s injuries. Even with a fatal injury, as long as they don’t die immediately, they can be healed and join the battle, as lively as ever, again and again. What could be more annoying than to finish off the mobs, only to see them healed back to full health? Du Ze wanted to file a complaint against the Tower of God and the elf gods – this is cheating!

Even if the enemy shamelessly used healing potions, Xiu was still able to deal with the mobs. The silver-haired elf quietly killed off half of the elven gods with his deadly arrows.


The bright arrow shot towards Xiu like a meteor and the force of its passage even cut through space, shortening the gap between it and Xiu. Xiu stretched out his hand to take another arrow from behind him but he only grabbed empty air – his arrows had run out!


Translator’s Notes:

  • If you missed all the stuff about the tentacles, the info about the uncensored chapter was in a forum post.
  • The morning after, Du Ze’s waist ached. 腰 – this actually means waist, lower back, and loins. I’m not sure which area was hurting but I can guess that it was most likely all three … rofl.
  • 看起來禁慾系的都是重口系 – literally “the abstinence department is the heavy mouth/taste department.” “Abstinence department” in this case means a character with an elegant appearance and cold, indifferent attitude. “Heavy taste” means “weird/perverted taste” or “hardcore fetish.” Basically, Du Ze is saying that elf form Xiu looks cold and indifferent but he is actually… well, you know!
  • Life is hard so cut me some slack -人生已經如此艱難,有些事就不要拆穿 – Life is so difficult, do not break things down. This is a popular saying on the internet. Mostly used when a poster says something true but sad/harmful that people find it hard to accept. Other posters will respond with this phrase which means “true, but let it go” or “let me be happy in my ignorance/I’d rather not think about it.”

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  1. 粉红切开来里面都是黑的 – a meme. It has been observed that cute, innocent-seeming, pink-haired characters in anime are often “black belly” (secretly quite evil/sly/manipulative.)
  2. 说多了都是眼泪 – internet slang, exactly as I translated it “say more I’ll cry” but it’s meant to be a joke.
  3. 脆皮 – brittle, fragile skin. In video games, characters that have high attack power but low defense are called “glass cannons.”

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