Chapter 78.1 – The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 78.1 – Reader: Why give up treatment?

He likes Xiu so why not take the initiative?

Du Ze reached out to embrace Xiu.

Just like now, he wants the two of them to be closer and it’s better for them to act as equals. Then, shouldn’t he do something to dispel this bit of uneasiness?

Du Ze pushed Xiu away. A silly, cute person wanted to take the initiative. He wanted to speak but did not know what to say; because he cares so much, he became too nervous and tongue-tied.

What should I say? “Come at me right now?” That doesn’t seem quite right …This young man has seen a lot of things online. In this case, well, he should say, something like –

Gazing into Xiu’s eyes, Du Ze, with an impassive face, uttered the first line that came to his mind.

“Give it to me.”



…… WTF!!!

Once, Du Ze thought that “meow” would be the biggest failure of his life, but now he knows that stupid people can become even stupider. Du Ze was almost ready to cry as 100 million grass mud horses shouted inside his brain “you’re sick, why did you give up treatment?”

(TN: “grass mud horses” is a popular expression that I kept in since it’s widely used as a form of symbolic defiance of China’s censorship laws. It’s a homonym of “**** your mom” but metaphorically the grass much horse is a cute animal that looks like an alpaca. “Why give up treatment?” 为什么放弃治疗 is just a colorful way of saying “you’re sick in the head, you need treatment!”)

Xiu reacted before Du Ze regained his composure. The silver-haired elf stretched out his hand and tangled his fingers in Du Ze’s hair, forcefully pulling his head closer to Xiu’s.


Xiu’s face was reflected in Du Ze’s dark eyes. His skin was covered with a layer of light like exquisite, delicate white jade. At this distance, the beauty of Xiu’s face was greatly magnified and made Du Ze breathless.

Xiu’s tongue invaded Du Ze’s mouth, as hungry and intense as a man who was lost in the desert for a long time and desperately craved the manna inside Du Ze’s mouth. This ferocity was hard for Du Ze to bear so he closed his eyes. His tongue was licked and his entire mouth was ferociously invaded so that he even had difficulty swallowing his saliva. All of the elf’s actions revealed longing and affection. Xiu kissed him harder and harder until Du Ze was pushed back. Du Ze’s hand on tree began to quiver and he was almost unable to hold himself up.

Wanting to fall…

His lips were seized so Du Ze could only make a few soft sounds. He raised his eyes in a panic, looking into the clear green eyes like autumn water. In the moonlight Xiu’s expression was cold and indifferent, as though this person stood high above common folk, lofty and hard to reach.1 However, all his actions spoke of desire that formed a striking contrast with his refined and unemotional appearance. This contradiction in his looks and actions was quite thrilling, unconsciously inducing others to lose control and fall.


(Translator’s note: a censored scene is omitted here. You can read the full chapter on another website. Please visit the Novelupdates page for the link to that chapter.)




Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote: The elf race are a group of very indifferent people, they gave away their passion …

… Who are you trying to deceive! T皿T



Translator’s Notes:

  • So that happened, huh? What do you think of this chapter?
  • You can read a different version of these events. I would greatly value any comments I get on that release. Thank you.
  • The elf race supposedly gave away their passion and received the gift of archery from the Creator God but it seems that Xiu is the exception … but only when Du Ze is involved. Elf form Xiu really is indifferent to most things, IMO.
  • I was very disturbed by the porcelain people part but my heart was healed when those two lovebirds finally found some time alone and had some “quality time” together. Hooray! Please leave a comment if you can. Thank you.
  • The next release will be an extra titled “Mid Autumn Festival” that the author originally published during the holidays. It’s short but nice.
grass mud horses
The “grass mud horse” is fictional but it supposedly looks just like this cute alpaca.


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  1. 不食人间烟火 – literally “ not eating the food of common mortals” meaning “placing oneself above the common people.”

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