Chapter 92.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 92.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter Title – Reader: I want to see you become God.


That was the only word that could describe what Du Ze saw when he opened his eyes. It was as though the sun had been crushed then sprinkled on him. His light blond hair was floor-length with a pure and clear texture. His face was perfect, as though the world’s best sculptor had painstakingly carved a statue with the most exquisite features. There was no expression on his face but it had an arrogant charm. His most striking aspect was his eyes. His two irises were both bright gold, but in different shades – one was the pure gold of the midday sun while the other was the platinum of a solar eclipse.

When he saw that Du Ze was awake, the person with heterochromatic eyes reached out his hand to touched the black-haired youth’s face. His action was cautious and wary, as though he was touching a dream bubble that might burst.

Behind this person were three pairs of huge snow-white wings were spread open, fanning the air as the wind fluttered the gorgeous feathers. This person was so beautiful that he looked like he belonged in the most blissfully happy paradise. This is …


Even though Du Ze had already extrapolated from his conversation with the God of Creation that Xiu had awakened his angel blood, now that he saw it for himself, Du Ze was still shocked – it’s too dazzling! Just looking at that person made someone feel ashamed, as though even one’s gaze on him was like a blasphemy.

Du Ze wanted to speak but his throat was choked with cotton – no, rather he couldn’t control his mouth and make a sound, as though his body was broken. It was probably the aftereffects of the resurrection. Being brought back to life was against heaven’s will, therefore if resurrection were to work perfectly then it wouldn’t be called magic: it would be called a BUG.

Perceiving that something was wrong with Du Ze, Xiu’s fingers paused for a moment. He stared at Du Ze, carefully examining the black-haired youth from head to toe, not missing even the smallest speck of dust on his fingernails.

That person’s expression was very normal. His eyes were normal. He sounded normal… but all of these “normal” qualities, when taken together, made Du Ze realize that it was concealing a terrible fear.

“Du Ze,” said Xiu. His fingers started moving again and were covered with the light of healing magic. “You’ll be fine, nothing will go wrong.”

Du Ze’s eyes widened. At first glance, because Xiu’s new form took all of his attention, Du Ze failed to notice that Xiu’s condition wasn’t as bright and neat as it had first appeared.

Above the gold was a layer of scarlet.

As he gradually regained his senses over the parts of his body that the healing light covered, Du Ze felt the sticky touch of Xiu’s skin. The blood was half clotted and half fresh – the old blood had clotted and dried, but fresh, new blood was added. The layer of scarlet wasn’t just flowing blood, there were also a lot of wounds. Though Xiu’s clothing covered more than half of his body, Du Ze could still glimpse numerous hideous wounds.

Although “the rules” will ensure that Xiu won’t die, this doesn’t mean that Xiu escaped from the verdict unscathed. “The rules” only make sure that the protagonist doesn’t die; it doesn’t guarantee that Xiu will not be injured. Du Ze can’t imagine what kind of situation Xiu is in after he awakened his angelic bloodline. When Du Ze’s brain tried to think of it, he thought that even breathing must be extremely painful.

“You’ll be alright.” The curve of Xiu’s thin lips were subtle. His voice was slow and graceful, as though singing a hymn, but the light tone ended with a trace of hysterical fear and angel continued: “I’ll make you better.”

Don’t worry, I’m fine! – Du Ze wanted to shout this out. Even if there was something wrong, he has his 0-point restore!

As soon as it’s midnight, he will fully recover!

But Du Ze can’t control even the tip of a finger so he could only watch helplessly as Xiu, who had not even healed his own wounds, bled as he healed Du Ze. The angel’s beautiful red and gold colors flowed into each other.

– You’ll be fine.

Even if I’m not fine, you’ll be fine.

Xiu’s fingers ran through Du Ze’s hair then stroked the delicate skin on the back of the black-haired youth’s neck. Shades of darkness flashed through Xiu’s eyes.

His beloved’s life had been shattered, even if there was no trace of it now, “he had been killed” was a fact.

“There won’t be a next time.” Xiu whispered, “I promise.”

Du Ze immediately understood what Xiu meant. Henceforth, Xiu will not let him suffer any harm. That person can promise that, not only because he has awakened all his bloodlines and is stronger now, but also because he can acquire the right to stand at the peak of this world.

The Tower of God: whoever reaches the top first will become the Supreme God. Du Ze tried to keep his breathing even but he still felt dizzy from lack of oxygen.

After discovering the truth, Du Ze was very wary of Xiu becoming the Supreme God. He felt he had to stop anyone from becoming the Supreme God because it meant the death of the Creator God.

The God of Creation said: When I die you will disappear from this world.

Perhaps because of Xiu’s treatment, or because of his intense emotional excitement, Du Ze was able to reach out and grab Xiu’s wrist. Half propped up, Du Ze found the strength to speak, even though his voice was extremely hoarse as though it came from the depths of his throat.


Du Ze had just shouted Xiu’s name when a yellow light suddenly appeared and hit them on the tops of their heads. Du Ze felt a slight jolt before the scene immediately changed into the Tower of God’s hall.

There is no doubt that the beam of light was the portal that appeared each time Xiu passed a trial, but normally it wouldn’t have appeared right on top of them, “graciously” teleporting them.

“The rules” seem to be impatient.

During the instant that thought flashed into Du Ze’s mind, he barely had time to look around at the hall and the stone statues when a light shone from every one of the Tower of God’s entrances, revealing a man’s shadow.

Du Ze closed his eyes then opened them again, but no matter how he wanted to escape from reality, the image of the last person he wanted to see was seared into his retina.

Black hair, black eyes, glasses and hearing aids- it was the Creator.

Xiu stared at the God. The Creator that was reflected in his different colored eyes was a blond, gold-eyed, six-winged angel that looked very familiar. When their eyes met, the whole space seemed to become turbulent.


By the time Xiu regained his composure, the surroundings had changed. Below him was ground that looked like ice crystal with an upside-down sky inside. If there had been a huge pillar of light, it would have looked like the Lost Land. A vast sea of clouds came rolling in from a distance and their shadows fell on Xiu’s body, dark and ominous.

Xiu’s first reaction as he sat on that crystal ground was to turn around to look for Du Ze, but the black-haired youth was no longer beside him.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Xiu’s nerves, which had already been stretched to their limit, snapped. He called the blood contract beast. It was eager to pursue Du Ze, but somehow stayed in place. Its rune-filled face seethed, out of control. Upon seeing it, Xiu asked the six-winged angel: “Where is Du Ze?”

The other’s response was a beam of light that hit Xiu’s cheek, leaving, a deep wound. The God of Creation stared at Xiu, not bothering to conceal his killing intent. He knew the truth of this world now and the God’s way of thinking had changed subtly. He doesn’t care that the world is a novel but why is he the “villain” and this person is the “protagonist”?

If there is a gap, there will be a contrast. If there is a contrast, there will be an imbalance. If he is to survive, he must act now. In addition to his desire to survive, the God also wants to kill Xiu because of a twisted envy and resentment. Even if “the rules” have arranged this fight, he will not perform the way “the rules” want him to. The Creator looked around at the stone statues of the eight races. “The rules” have been written but, despite everything, the Creator wanted to kill this person who was under the protection of “the rules.”



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