Chapter 2 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

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What exactly is the duty of a valet?

According to Duan MuLing’s definition, a valet is someone who wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare the necessary writing paper and grinds up ink for use. Once that is done, the valet is expected to wait obediently for his arrival in his study with a steaming cup of freshly brewed tea.

crab appears bc novels
(Note: “Crab” is slang for censorship)
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However, this valet is a little….different.

The moment he stepped into his study, he was greeted by the delightful sight of the newly appointed valet messily rummaging through his belongings.

Seeing this, Duan Mu Ling could feel a headache coming on.

He gave a small cough to make his presence known. The valet jumped up in shock, before rigidly standing at attention.

Faced with such a sight, Duan Mu Ling could feel his patience rapidly dwindling. To his defense, ever since ascending to the position of Lord of Fenggu City, he was rather overwhelmed by not only by his responsibilities, but also by the burden of the expectations and criticisms of the people.

In such a situation, he would have likely already slaughtered Ye Ming a hundred times over.

However, what the eyes of the valet expressed was not fear, but rather empathy.

Duan Mu Ling could feel his breath hitch; what the valet saw in him that lead to such feelings of pity and empathy emanating from the valet, Duan Mu Ling really could not understand.

Luckily, those strange feelings of empathy had a rather placating effect on Duan Mu Ling.

Hmm, this valet probably lacks sufficient training to carry out his duties, so there is not necessarily a need yet to execute him for stepping out of line.

With this, Duan Mu Ling settled himself down and instructed Ye Ming, “make sure that you have papers, ink and a kettle of tea ready every morning. Understood?”

Ye Ming rapidly nodded his head like a rattle drum.

Seeing this, Duan Mu Ling quickly reminded himself not to be too forgiving next time, lest he gave off the wrong impression.

With that, Duan Mu Ling settled down comfortably in his study and proceeded with his work.

What Ye Ming had been searching for, was, in fact, a book on cultivation.

The book was located in this study. However, most people did not know of its true value.

Later in the story, the male lead Xi Tian Wang, after defeating Duan Mu Ling, discovered this book on cultivation in this study. Without anyone knowing, Xi Tian Wang claimed the book for himself.

The book was a study on an intermediate level of cultivation, nothing too noteworthy. However, the techniques taught by the book had an interesting effect; it will boost the vitality of the user’s bloodline.

Xi Tian Wang did not use it for himself using it as a tool to garner women’s attention instead. In the end, he managed to seduce a half-human-half-fox female demon into doing the 419(a Chinese slang meaning one-night stand) with him.

This time, Ye Ming was determined to give this book to Duan Mu Ling for his use instead.

If he could fully awaken his wolf bloodline using the techniques, he could give Xi Tian Wang a run for his money in their future fight.

Just thinking about the cruel mutilation and humiliation that Duan Mu Ling might have to face, Ye Ming felt a pang in his heart and resolved himself to find that book.

Not to mention, if he delivered that vital book on cultivation to Duan Mu Ling, Duan Mu Ling might even be pleased with him enough to release him from slavery.

However, there was a small problem; the details of the location were only vaguely written out!

How the hell am I, your father, suppose to find the bloody book?

With his impatience rising by the minute, Ye Ming forced himself to calm down. All things considered, he was still the writer of the novel; the book will not be hidden anywhere too ingenious.

Making a decision, Ye Ming chose to wait for Duan Mu Ling to leave first before continuing his search.

No matter what, he will definitely find it.

Meanwhile, Duan Mu Ling was focusing on writing a letter, his mood strangely good this morning.

Ye Ming who was on the side and extremely bored sneaked a peek at the letter that Duan Mu Ling was writing.

Although there was not anything noteworthy about the letter’s contents, the characters that Duan Mu Ling wrote were extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Seeing this, Ye Ming gave a thumbs up to Duan Mu Ling in his mind.

Look at my child, what a talent! Despite being bullied and likely deprived of a proper education when he was young, he still manages to pull off such excellent penmanship!

Duan Mu Ling felt a strange disturbance to his side and turned his head to look at his valet.

What he saw was a look of pride and acclamation on his valet’s face which Ye Ming did not manage to wipe off his face in time.

Duan Mu Ling’s heart skipped a beat.

When he was younger, he exhausted himself, investing a gigantic amount of effort into studying and practicing his penmanship, only yearning for a look of approval from his father.

However, his wish never came true. He suffered through his father’s constant disappointment and loathing throughout his childhood. Ironically, it was only after he murdered his father and became lord of Fenggu City did he finally receive that look of pride he was so yearning for from a lowly valet who suddenly intruded upon his life.

Towards this lowly valet, Duan Mu Ling could not help feeling that the emotional barrier guarding his heart being slowly chipped away.

Duan Mu Ling peered at Ye Ming, asking, “How old are you?”

Startled, Ye Ming thought, my actual body is actually twenty-six, but judging by the body that I am currently inhabiting, I think I will go with…. “Eighteen this year, sir,” was what he replied.

With that Duan Mu Ling bent his head and continued with his letter, not saying another word.

However, though he might not seem like it, Duan Mu Ling was actually struggling to focus on his letter. In his mind, he was secretly hoping for another look of adoration from the little valet by his side. Sadly, however, he did not get what he was hoping for.

Ye Ming was actually zoning out, and soon, he was slowly nodding off with half-lidded eyelids.

Duan Mu Ling was extremely displeased.

Your Lord is here writing, yet you can’t even pay attention? Do you really need to sleep that badly?

“Wake up.” Duan Mu Ling said sharply.

Ye Ming immediately snapped his eyes open in fright.

Seeing Duan Mu Ling’s darkened expression, Ye Ming was utterly terrified.

Oh dear lord, is he going to execute me?

This is the Lord of Fenggu city who is renowned for his ruthlessness!

Duan Mu Ling’s mood soured even further.

Dealing with twenty years worth of people’s arrogance and viciousness, he could not care about the fates of those scum.

However, seeing this little valet cowering in fear like the others, he could not help feeling a twinge of unhappiness.

This person should not be in terror of him, he should be…willing to get closer to him…

Duan Mu Ling struggled to find the right words to express the complex emotions and thoughts swirling in his head.

Taking a deep breath, Duan Mu Ling willed himself to calm down. Convincing himself that the little valet simply needs more training, he put off any notion of killing the valet for his insolence.

That’s right, he doesn’t need to be killed, not now at least.

Duan Mu Ling steadied his voice and said, “If you need to sleep, do it on the lounge chair over there.”

Ye Ming stared at Duan Mu Ling’s composed expression and gave a sigh of relief.

Who was the one who said Duan Mu Ling was ruthless, who said he was beyond hope!

The temperament of this Lord was too unbelievably wonderful!

Not even when he was schooling did he receive such excellent treatment! Ever time he fell asleep in class, he would become target practice for either the teacher’s chalk or the blackboard duster.

Have you ever seen a teacher who said, “Sleepy? Go to the teacher’s lounge to rest”?

Ye Ming seriously considered tweaking storyline and assigning the role of third male lead to Duan Mu Ling.

Looking at the expression of absolute gratefulness, Duan Mu Ling felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

That’s right, that should be the expression that you should be giving me.

Perhaps, I might be able to find what I have been lacking on this little valet.

What a pleasant feeling indeed.

Almost immediately, Ye Ming pounced onto the lounge chair for a nap.

Duan Mu Ling could feel irritation slowly creeping up in his heart.

Just because I offered you the lounge chair to sleep doesn’t mean you should take up my offer quite so literally!

Have you ever heard of manners?

Even your Lord here is awake and you dare fall asleep like that?

Soft snoring sounds traveled over from the lounge chair not long after.

Duan Mu Ling exploded in anger.

So you really did fall asleep!

Ye Ming really could not grasp the reason for Duan Mu Ling’s insistence to practice Martial Arts outside, under the scorching sun.

What he had even more trouble comprehending was why did Duan Mu Ling drag a little valet like him along as a practice partner.

Not to mention Duan Mu Ling insisted to do it out it the open, without any shade to protect them from the blazing heat waves from the sun.

Ye Ming was only obediently taking a small nap, yet he was dragged up by Duan Mu Ling not long after.

Seeing that darkened expression on Duan Mu Ling’s face, Ye Ming could not fathom what the hell happened in the short duration of his nap.

What’s worse, Duan Mu Ling immediately ordered Ye Ming to practice with him.

Is your house so bloody poor that it cannot even afford a professional martial arts practice partner?

Hey brother, you do know that it is the middle of the day? That’s right, and it just so happens to also be the hottest part of the day!

Even better, guess what month it is? ITS JUNE, JUNE OK, right smack in the middle of summer!

Ye Ming felt sweat gushing off his body like a water fountain.

Duan Mu Ling was also covered in sweat.

He really felt like an idiot.

He wanted to teach the little valet a lesson, but how did it end up with him suffering along with it?

How the hell is he supposed to practice with his sweat-soaked shirt plastered on his body?

Duan Mu Ling took off his shirt.

He immediately came under the scrutiny of an intense stare.

Ye Ming’s eyes almost popped out of its socket.

A broad pair of shoulders, a narrow waist, and a streamlined body figure. Not mention a body covered in rock hard muscles with not an ounce of extra fat to be seen….The vivid descriptions just kept coming one after another in Ye Ming’s mind.

To see one of his own characters that he created with his pen to come out to be this outstanding, Ye Ming felt a really wonderful feeling of achievement in his heart.

Ye Ming immediately fished out his notebook and rapidly jolted down the sudden gush of ideas and inspiration that came pouring out of his mind.

Duan Mu Ling felt like he was being taken advantage of.

No, he wasn’t mistaken, he was definitely being exploited here.

It was truly an incredulous sight; the little valet shamelessly stared down his body, before quietly muttering to himself like a lunatic and then proceeded to furiously scribble on that tiny notebook of his, occasionally scratching his head in frustration.

It really is too absurd.

With a long stride, Duan Mu Ling closed the distance between the two. He reached out his hand and snatched away the tiny notebook that the little valet had been mysteriously scribbling on.

Duan Mu Ling pinned the seductive body of the wolf demoness underneath his, with his hand massaging one of her___BEEP____, and his tongue caressing her other___BEEP____. Overwhelmed with pleasure, she could not help but___BEEP____. His muscles are firm and taut, undeniably a BEEP___presence to the female demoness. Tearing off the clothes that were restricting him, he revealed his gigantic ___BEEP hanging below his hips.

The more Duan Mu Ling read, the worse his complexation became. Soon, his face was an intense shade of red from his anger, with the veins on his head throbbing dangerously.

Sensing a rapidly brewing storm, Ye Ming mentally prepared himself to make a speedy escape.

Sadly, Ye Ming’s reflexes were not reliable enough and he was seized by the collar. Duan Mu Ling angrily dragged him to the firewood house, before shoving Ye Ming inside and locking the door.

“Without my permission, no one is allowed to let him out nor give him food. Anyone who dares to do so otherwise will be beaten to death!”

Duan Mu Ling’s was not just upset, he was absolutely seething.

Such blasphemous behavior!

As furious as he was, he could not help the small withering feeling he felt in his heart from what he just read.

After all, the fact that he was part-wolf was an intense source of shame for him. Not to mention it was the scandalous gossip that everyone whispered about in Fenggu city. He was the lord of the city, but no one actually truly respected and revered him. It is only through the fear that he commands the obedience of the inhabitants of the city.

The fact that this lowly valet dare write of him doing such outrageous deeds with a wolf demoness was actually pouring salt over his wounds. Was he trying to insinuate that him, Duan Mu Ling, is so lowly as to only be able to afford the companionship of a wolf demoness?

What a truly unforgivable crime!

Shame on him for actually hoping that this valet was actually different from all those scum!

Ye Ming, on the other of the door, pitifully pleaded, “My Lord, I won’t do it again, I won’t!”

As if I’ll fall for your pitiful begging!

Duan Mu Ling stomped away from the firewood house.

He must prescribe of a fitting punishment for this insolent valent.

Should he cripple him before casting him aside? Or slice him into actual human mincemeat?

The next morning, Duan Mu Ling arrived before the firewood house.

Last night, after busying himself with his duties, Duan Mu Ling actually managed to put the incident with the valet at the back of his mind. However, when morning came and he arrived at his study room was he reminded of what transpired yesterday.

A new valet, Xiaosi, greeted him in his study. Xiaosi carried out his duties exceptionally; the writing paper was crisply and smoothly laid out the table, the ink was ground up very finely, and the kettle of tea that was prepared wonderfully. However, despite all that, his timid and fearful demeanor strangely irritated him. That little valet was the only one who managed to invoke a feeling of warmth within him.

Although it was not too apparent, this little valet seemed to be inherently unafraid of him, sometimes even feeling proud of him. This gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Standing before the firewood house, Duan Mu Ling began pondering over the event that unfolded the previous day.

Perhaps, that little valet really didn’t mean it such a way?

Perhaps, he wasn’t actually making fun of him for his bloodline?

Should he at least give the valet a chance to explain himself?

These thoughts plagued Duan Mu Ling for some time before he finally made a decision.

Duan Mu Ling unlocked and pulled the door open, but the noxious smell that immediately wafted from the room almost made him gag on the spot.

Ye Ming slowly peeled his eyes open, adjusting to the onslaught of light that suddenly invaded the firewood house.

Before him stood an eminent male dressed elegantly in Chinese traditional garments, pinching his nose with a frown on his face.

Ye Ming almost burst into tears.

He has not had a meal ever since being confined in here and without a proper toilet, he had to do his ‘business’ on the ground. At night, he could barely sleep a wink, lying on the cold, hard and wet ground.

He was hungry, filthy and absolutely exhausted.

The cause of his current suffering, was precisely this man standing before him.

The reason for Duan Mu Ling’s sudden outburst of anger, Ye Ming could roughly guess the reason for it after reflecting about it in the firewood house.

I do admit I’ve hit a sore spot, but could you at least let me explain myself before throwing me in here!

To be honest, Ye Ming really was not trying to make fun of Duan Mu Ling’s heritage.

He only earnestly thought that such a smut scene with a wolf demoness will add an exciting and wild flavor to the story, becoming a huge hit among readers.

Such a foolhardy behavior really did invite trouble for him this time around!

Seeing this pathetic and filthy person pitifully staring at him, Duan My Ling could not help but feel a pang in his heart. He dragged Ye Ming up from the pile of excrements on the floor, trying his best to quell his desire to throw up in the process.

“Why did you write those things?”

Duan Mu Ling finally pulled Ye Ming out of the firewood house, while taking in a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Why else? That’s I, your father’s rice bowl that we’re talking about!

Of course, he couldn’t convey the truth to Duan Mu Ling.

“It’s a hobby.”

I, your father, is doing this for a living, do you think I have a choice?!

“Then why a wolf Demoness?”

Because it’s popular among readers; another fact that he could not blurt out.

“It’s my type.” Replied Ye Ming with his hands covering his face.

“Disgusting.” Duan Mu Ling said with contempt.

Strangely, he felt slightly relieved.

In fact, he felt like he would gladly accept any type of excuse, however absurd, so long as it was not putting him down.

Ye Ming seriously did not understand how Duan Mu Ling’s mind works.

Are you seriously a guy? How can you say __ is disgusting?

Without saying another word to Ye Ming, Duan Mu Ling walked off, ordering his servants to prepare a bath and breakfast for the little valet.

He even especially pulled the chef aside to ensure that he cooked up an extra hearty set of breakfast.

Ye Ming, after a refreshing bath and scrumptious breakfast to fill his belly, also decided to let bygones be bygones.


  • This chapter is by skydreamgirl.
  • Whoa, the author is brave to write a BEEP story about Duan Mu BEEPING a wolf demoness.

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