Chapter 3 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

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Chapter 3

Based on Ye Ming’s calculations, the day of the showdown between Duan Mu Ling and Xi Tian was drawing near.

He had already long found and presented the cultivation book to Duan Mu Ling.

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As expected, the book was not hidden anywhere too obscure; Ye Ming found it stuck in the gap between a cabinet and a wall.

Since Duan Mu Ling has yet to see this particular book before, he falsely claimed that the book was from him.

The expression on Duan Mu Ling’s face when Ye Ming presented the book to him was absolutely priceless, something he won’t be forgetting in a long time.

Like a starving puppy who had been given food.

Like a person who was dying of thirst in the desert suddenly stumbling upon an oasis.

Like a traveler in the harsh winter seeing the comforting sight of smoke and the light of a fire.

With his wolf bloodline, such a manual could drastically improve his cultivation prowess to almost two times its original level.

Out of gratitude, Duan Mu Ling treated Ye Ming as an esteemed guest.

To be honest, there were plenty of opportunities for him to escape by now.

However, he actually realized he was too lazy to do so.

His recent days had been absolute bliss, with all his needs tended to meticulously under Duan Mu Ling’s orders.

As long as Duan Mu Ling does not succumb to blackening, Ye Ming could stay here as long as he wanted, enjoying a comfortable and easy-going life with all his needs taken care of.

Compared to the frugal life being an author, this was all too satisfying!

Hence, he set his mind to helping Duan Mu Ling deal with Duan Mu Cong and Xi Tian Wang.

After all, this place was pretty much his home base in this cultivation world.

Ye Ming knew there was an ancient graveyard not far from Fenggu city.

Once Xi Tian Wang was finished with his business in Fenggu city, he would meet up with a female celestial. Only after rolling about in the grass (basically doing the deed) did he realize that it was a millennium-old female corpse that feeds on the lifeforce of males.

Xi Tian Wang then had a huge battle with the female corpse. After coming out victorious, he absorbed the spiritual energy of the fallen corpse, improving his cultivation by a notch. In addition, there were three spiritual treasures hidden in the graveyard that the female corpse was residing in.

Among the three, Ye Ming was determined to find the demonic soul-collecting flag to give to Duan Mu Ling.

In the original storyline, Ye Ming had yet to decide which character to assign this treasure to.

The flag made use of demonic energy, making it useless to Xi Tian Wang.

However, once Duan Mu Ling awakens his bloodline, he will be practicing demonic cultivation and this weapon will be extremely useful to him then.

However, there was one nagging problem regarding the female corpse.

Ye Ming did not want to interrupt the process of Xi Tian Wang strengthening his prowess. This meant that Xi Tian Wang still has to be the one to eventually defeat the female corpse in order to absorb her spiritual energy and power up.

After all, in order to protect the peace and stability of this current world, he still needed Xi Tian Wang’s power.

If Ye Ming snatched away too many power-up opportunities from Xi Tian Wang now, then he will have to go through a lot of trouble to edit the storyline once he returns to the real world.

Hence, leading to Ye Ming’s current dilemma.

He wrote this story intending it to be a casual piece since he didn’t really have the ingenuity to write a complex story.

However, now that he was put on the spot to come up with a brilliant idea, Ye Ming was struggling quite a bit.

After pondering about the issue for some time, Ye Ming decided to consult Duan Mu Ling for some ideas.

Although Duan Mu Ling was Ye Ming’s brainchild, Duan Mu Ling nonetheless is still more intelligent than himself.

Ye Ming thus brainstormed about how to get Duan Mu Ling to come with a plan without giving too much away.

The excuse he came with was, “I had an uncle who cultivated in the past. Once when he visited Fenggu city for some official business, he met an extremely beautiful maiden on his way there. The maiden invited him over to her house for a ‘visit’ and he followed along. However, he was led to a graveyard instead, giving him a great shock. He immediately escaped away from that place, but he managed to get a glimpse of a demonic flag before leaving. This spiritual artifact should be of great use to you, right?

Ye Ming’s heart was pounding in his chest, afraid that Duan Mu Ling wouldn’t bite.

However, what he didn’t know, that Duan Mu Ling’s head was actually in the clouds, not paying much attention to what he just said.

There was only one thing on Duan Mu Ling’s mind.

He felt extremely contented and satisfied.

Unlike Ye Ming who had been idling away the past few days, Duan Mu Ling had been buried under his workload, making him feel extremely weary.

Once he received the cultivation manual from Ye Ming, he worked himself even harder, trying his best to master the techniques in the manual.

However, he noticed something strange about his emotions recently.

When Ye Ming gifted him the manual, an indescribable torrent of emotions coursed through him.

After all, throughout his entire life, he has never enjoyed the warmth of being thought of and cared for by others.

Ye Ming is only one who has managed to induce such warm feelings in his heart.

Such feelings it seems, had lead to Duan Mu Ling’s mind forming some peculiar thoughts.

His heart stubbornly hoped that Ye Ming truly cared for him.

In fact, he yearned for the fact that he was the only one Ye Ming would care for.

Even the thought of Ye Ming no longer caring about him sent emotional stabs of pain to his heart. What made him even gloomier was his recent feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction that had been plaguing him.

Every day he would seek out Ye Ming to talk with him, sometimes even following wherever Ye Ming went.

When Ye Ming seemed lost in his own sea of thoughts, Duan Mu Ling could not help but feel somewhat frustrated.

These feelings, he soon realized, is one of extreme yearning, as well as the fear of the object of his desires suddenly disappearing from his grasp.

Duan Mu Ling suddenly froze on the spot.

The spiritual artifact that Ye Ming was searching for, it was actually meant for him!

With an intense expression, Duan Mu Ling grabbed hold of Ye Ming’s shoulders.

This gave Ye Ming a great fright.

He has yet to tell him what he was intending to do, so why is Duan Mu Ling so aggressively grabbing his shoulders like that?

Duan Mu Ling stared at the person in his grasp.

This outburst of emotions, how should he put it….is an intense feeling of want.

What he specifically wants, he has no idea.

However, what he is sure, is the fact that he really wants this person before him.

Duan Mu Ling licked his lips nervously.

They finally came up with a plan to retrieve the treasure.

Both of them would travel to the forest together. Duan Mu Ling would then be in charge of leading the female corpse away while Ye Ming searched the cemetery for the flag.

Knowing that there is not much time left before the confrontation, Ye Ming tried convincing Duan Mu Ling to set off with him within the next few days.

Once there, Ye Ming searched intently for signs of the female corpse.
Ye Ming realized that there was a slight problem.

He really did not know whether the location was in the south or west of the city.

After all, this part of the story is still in its draft stage. How the hell would he know exactly where to find the female corpse anyway?!

Left with no choice, Ye Ming led Duan Mu Ling to scourge around the city perimeters for the corpse.

Duan Mu Ling, on the other hand, was in no rush.

In fact, he felt pretty satisfied at the moment.

The lithe youth walking in front of him had rather delicate features and most of all, what captured Duan Mu Ling’s attention was his extremely fair, exposed neck.

Out of nowhere, Duan Mu Ling was overwhelmed by a sudden urge to give a tender bite to the exposed neck in front of him.


What the hell did he want?

I want to nibble on it and give it a nice lick and…..

There was a sudden uncomfortable tightness in his pants…

Duan Mu Ling was slammed by the sudden realization of what he had been actually craving for all this time.

His expression became slightly darker.

Although on the surface, it seemed as though nothing was wrong, Duan Mu Ling was actually subconsciously undressing Ye Ming in his mind.

Just how would his body look like underneath those clothes?

Just the thought of his hands exploring the delicate body in front him nearly set him off.

“City Lord, I’m guessing we are quite near already. I suggest we split up to cover more ground. If there’s a problem we’ll use the communication gem.” Ye Ming said this as he scanned the scanned the surrounding forest.

“….A-Alright…”Dua Mu Ling replied in a raspy voice.

Ye Ming immediately turned around to look at Duan Mu Ling. Duan Mu Ling seemed quite out of sorts, making Ye Ming worry instantly.

Good lord, please don’t tell me you suddenly fell ill.

Ye Ming shook his head sighed. Even if that was the case, they were already so far out here already, going back now empty-handed would truly be a waste.

Hence, Ye Ming decided to set out alone to scout around first, leaving Duan Mu Ling behind for now.

Despite Ye Ming’s figure growing more distant, Duan Mu Ling still couldn’t calm himself down.

Once the seeds of intent were sown by Duan Mu Ling, they would rapidly take root and germinate.

Duan Mu Ling was already planning his next step.

Take him by force? That would be the most straightforward method and the one he was most familiar with.

However, if he forced Ye Ming’s hand, it was most certainly going to be a one-time meal.

Pursue him? Even someone like him who has no experience knows that a guy like Ye Ming likes girls. If he tried courting the boy, it might just scare him off.

With his ideas going nowhere, Duan Mu Ling became extremely frustrated.

A sudden yelp jolted Duan Mu Ling from his thoughts.

That shout belonged to Ye Ming!

Didn’t they agree to use the communication gem if something happened?

Duan Mu Ling immediately sprinted in the direction of the shout.

Ye Ming could not imagine even in his dreams, that he would meet such an otherworldly beauty when he turned around.

Beautiful to the point that it seemed as though she glided out, an exquisite art piece, with an ethereal aura surrounding her.

Ye Ming’s eyes were subconsciously glued onto her. With such alluring looks, he really could not shift gaze away from her.

The beauty smiled attractively, “I have a place where both of us can go together, it will just be the two of us alone…”

Hearing this, Ye Ming shouted in fear. Isn’t this the female corpse?!!!

Without a second hesitation, he turned around and prepared to make a beeline in Duan Mu Ling’s direction.

He only managed to take a few steps before someone pushed him down from behind.

Turning his head around, he was met with the sight of the beauty’s clothes almost half off.

NONONONO! This is way too aggressive!

Ye Ming struggled fiercely, remembering how he had set the female corpse’s true appearance to be like in the story.

However, his physical strength was not up to par, and soon, his pants had been ripped from him.

When Duan Mu Ling rushed over, this was the heated and fiery scene that greeted him.

Ye Ming was still struggling on the ground, his pair of white slender legs kicking up in the air.

There was a female pinning Ye Ming to the ground and the said female was putting in all her effort into separating Ye Ming from his clothes.

Not unexpectedly, Duan Mu Ling’s blood began to boil. With all his strength, he grabbed the female and hurled her away. The beauty flew several feet before heavily landing on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Wiping the tears at the edge of his eyes, Ye Ming hurriedly went to put his clothes back on.

Seeing that the person was another male, not to mention a much more handsome and outstanding one, her heart started to beat wildly. With her clothes half-off, she timidly made her way to Duan Mu Ling.

“It… it wasn’t on purpose, how could you…you’re so mean…” muttered the beauty while biting her lips, her figure piteous and seemingly on the brink of tears.

Duan Mu Ling was absolutely outraged. He picked up a piece of clothing on the floor and dumped it Ye Ming’s head, blocking his vision.

Only then did he proceeded towards the beauty, getting to ready to beat the living crap out of her.

He sent blow after blow, mercilessly continuing his assault. He was hellbent on finishing off this offensive female before him.

The beauty immediately changed her demeanor.

There is actually be a man who dares refuses her alluring charm!

How preposterous!

How utterly unforgivable!

She immediately activated her cultivation powers to defend against the incoming attacks. However, she was already injured, making it more and more difficult to keep up her defenses with each passing second.

Duan Mu Ling’s cultivation was already on par with Xi Tian Wang’s. With such a powerful blow landing on the body, it immediately exposed her original form of a shriveled corpse.

Both Ye Ming and Duan Mu Ling felt nauseous at the sight before them.

This was especially so for Ye Ming. Remembering how the female corpse was clamoring all over him trying to remove his clothes, his started retching.

Just as he was halfway done with retching, he looked up to see Duan Mu Ling just about to land the finishing blow on the female corpse. Ye Ming immediately shouted for Duan Mu Ling to stop.

Duan Mu Ling halted his attack midway with his eyebrows furrowed, unsure about what to do.

Ye Ming negotiated, “I know you have the soul. If you bring us over to retrieve this item, we will let you go.”

The purpose of his actions was to minimize the impact on the original storyline.

Xi Tian Wang still needed to absorb the spiritual energy of the female corpse to advance his cultivation level.

However, if the corpse were to be killed off now, Xi Tian Wang will lose an important opportunity to further strengthen his cultivation power.

Without improving his cultivation abilities, he will then be unable to defeat the next mini-boss in line.

With such interlocking arcs in the story, once something goes wrong, the entire storyline will be messed up.

The female corpse was absolutely seething. No way could she understand what the hell was wrong with the minds of these two males.

However, she had been defeated. Hence with no choice, she led the two to the cemetery to obtain the soul-collecting gonfalon for them.

Duan Mu Ling was really confused. Why leave such a monster alive?

However, he didn’t think too much into it.

After all, what was occupying his mind instead was those pair of long and slender legs of Ye Ming’s.

It really was driving him crazy!

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