Chapter 14.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 14.1 – Protagonist: I will hold you tight

Du Ze, carrying Xiu, walked for a long time but he did not find even a trace of another living thing. The red land was as desolate as ever.

The purple sky was cloudy and the air was stuffy. There was no wind so Du Ze could not use the old method to find civilization. Du Ze stopped every once in a while to rest. Although Xiu was not heavy when in gnome form, even the weight of a child could tire out a person.

The fragile1 Du Ze’s battle efficiency rating is a negative value. As he rested to restore his health points, he heard a faint sound. Du Ze bowed his head and saw the young gnome’s eyelids flutter. Finally, they opened, revealing a pair of beautiful amber eyes. Having just woken up, Xiu seemed a bit sluggish as he looked up in confusion at Du Ze.

“… Du Ze?”

The soft sound was not the hoarse voice of the undead. When Xiu spoke, it sounded a bit awkward and clumsy, as though the speaker was not accustomed to the pronunciation of his name. Du Ze almost died from the incredible cuteness – the young protagonist can’t be this cute!2

Under Du Ze’s burning hot gaze, Xiu quickly recovered his wits. Looking at his small body, Xiu’s eyes became a bit panicked. Du Ze thought that the current protagonist looked like a bullied child with teary eyes, waiting for an adult to comfort him.

Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s “the author has something to say” indicated that the “Mixed Blood” protagonist’s personality is affected when he changes forms. For example, when he turns into an elf, he will become more aloof. Or when he changes into his angel form, he will become arrogant. In that chapter, 80% of the fans’ comments were saying that they wanted to spray Aunt Flo’s blood in the author’s face: From A to Z, we only saw the blackened protagonist! From beginning to the end, all we saw was the protagonist’s mental breakdown! What “aloof and arrogant,” you bast**d!

Though originally Du Ze had been in the “spray him with blood” faction, when Du Ze saw that the gnome’s lively features were radically different from the Lich’s coffin face, he decided to withdraw from the Aunt Flo group: You don’t believe it, but I do.

It is said that the gnome race is sensitive, curious, and stubborn …

Xiu quickly regained his composure, not bothering to wait for Du Ze to break through his social barrier to say some comforting words. Looking around him, Xiu asked, “What is this place?”

Having missed an opportunity to increase his favorability rating, Du Ze said, with an impassive face, “The reverse side of the continent.”

A strong gust of wind whistled from afar, as if to punctuate Du Ze’s statement. The two men could hardly keep their eyes open. The stuffy air was torn in an instant and the purple sky was blown apart, revealing scarlet veins that covered the whole upper atmosphere like a scene from purgatory.

Du Ze looked up at at the ominous, apocalyptic-looking sky. Suddenly, he felt something drip onto his cold face – rain?

His face was cold but when he realized what was happening, his heart also turned cold. The reverse side of the continent doesn’t have four seasons, and no weather. Rain only means one thing, the “elemental storm.” Elemental storms are a specialty of this place because of its unusual magnetic field. The elements create storms and randomly wreak havoc on the earth. They are the chief reason why the land is barren. The storms also consume the elemental particles, which is why the elements are thin here. Also, there are no small towns or villages because only the big strongholds can withstand the storms.

Rain in this place means that the water elements have gathered in the form of a storm. The spot on his face where the raindrop had fallen was painful. Another drop of rain fell on Xiu’s hand. This time he could see very clearly that the drop of black rain left a raw red wound on the white and tender skin. Xiu knit his brows. There was a burnt smell in the air. They did not speak because, in that instant, they both understood their plight.

Among all of the magical elements, the dark element is the one that corrodes.

Du Ze thought that he could write “Pitiful Life” on his forehead since his Luck Rank is certainly E: when he was transported into the novel’s world, the protagonist’s blackening had finished; leaving the Lost Land, they met three enemies; and when they went to the reverse side of the continent, the elemental storm was waiting for them. It must be that when he got transported, the dice did not land well so his Luck stat was abysmal.

The few scattered raindrops were rapidly increasing. They need to find shelter from the rain. Even if it’s not a town or a city, a cave or rocky outcrop would at least be something. However, Du Ze looked around but he could not see any suitable place in this red wilderness.

Xiu had also discovered that they were in a desperate situation. The flaxen-haired gnome looked at the black rain that was falling. The wound on his abdomen was very painful and he felt like his body was about to split into two. He simply did not have the strength to flee this death banquet.

Currently, the only one who has the power to act is …

Xiu looked at that person who was now squatting down in front of him and offering Xiu his back, saying “Climb on.”

The gnome did not move. He heard the voice, which always had a strange tone, saying “Hold on to me.”

Du Ze carried Xiu on his back with the doujinshi rolled up and tucked into his belt. He put the black robe over the two of them and started running. The rain fell on Du Ze’s face, burning him. Du Ze had never been so serious in his life. He was putting all his effort into his running. A barbecue smell rose up. It was the scent of crisp, tender, and juicy meat cooking …


The rain was getting heavier. Du Ze ran as fast as he could but his physical condition just isn’t that good. Pretty soon, he started breathing hard and his steps became slower and slower. His body felt like there were hundreds of iron weights strapped onto it. The pain and exhaustion were constant. He could not remember how long he had been running. All he could see around him was black rain and all he could feel was the exhaustion and the pain of his flesh burning.

climb on
Xiu can’t walk so Du Ze carries him on his back.

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  1. I think 女乔 was meant to be 娇 which means jiāoqì – delicate, fragile, unable endure hardship, etc.
  2. Otaku Du Ze is making a reference to Oreimo aka My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.

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