Chapter 4.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 4.1 – Reader: meow ~

When he was safe at home, this loser often wished to save the world = opportunity = dream = a group of Bai Fu Mei (white, rich and beautiful) girls waiting for him = a group of Gao Fu Shuai (tall, rich and handsome) men waiting to become close friends. (Hey, stranger things have happened.)

But for Du Ze right now, experiencing this world crossing was a tragedy. After seeing the two moons hanging in the sky, Du Ze was one hundred percent sure that this place is no longer his world. If he were to cross into a modern parallel world, then that would still be okay. As a computer science student, he would have a chance to survive. As for a futuristic, science fictional world, that would also be good. But if he were to go back to ancient times, he could only rely on ancient technology to live on. Not to mention that Du Ze’s skill in programming was useless since this ancient world doesn’t even have computers. If he wanted to make a computer, with only one person this would be impossible.

In addition, since he has a severe case of myopia, if he lost his glasses then he was dead. On the other hand, Du Ze quietly touched his ears, he also has a headset with an eye-catching dark blue color with a trendy design. That was his hearing aid.

Can anyone answer him, if there is no electricity, then a deaf, short-sighted, and short guy like him, how could he survive in this ancient world …?

– Look, a hidden weapon!

– Can’t see.

– Listen, there are footsteps!

– Can’t hear QAQ!

So, if you were to create a poll titled: “Who doesn’t want to get transported into an ancient world?” Du Ze would certainly be number one, no one could compare to him.

And also if you were to ask “Who would die the fastest in ancient times?” Du Ze would obviously be number one, no one could compare to him.

Thinking about his future, Du Ze pushed up his glasses, seemingly calm, but he was panicking inside … he started to read the doujinshi again.

This simply will not work! What connection does this crossing have with this reader? So, hurry and bring him back, ah!

However, Du Ze flipped the pages back and forth dozen of times but he still couldn’t go back to his own room. Du Ze’s trembling hands closed the book. Looking around, he had the feeling of being betrayed.

Du Ze wanted to cry.

Physically and mentally exhausted, Du Ze was forced to accept the fact that he had crossed over into another world and couldn’t return. Du Ze began to look around, analyzing his surroundings.

In front of his eyes was a large plain. Below his feet was not common soil, but a kind of transparent crystal that looked like ice. Du Ze bowed his head. He could see through the transparent floor where there was a blue sky and white clouds below his feet… yes, it was a blue sky and white clouds.

It looked like he was stepping on the sky through a thin layer of ice. In the distance, the sunny sky gradually turned orange, changing from midday to twilight, until the night and day skies intersected at the horizon.

The sky above his head was dark, with thousands of sparkling stars. Two moons were hanging in the sky, one purple and one gold. In the distance, the sky was slowly changing from midnight to dawn until they intersected in the horizon. The four corners were empty. It’s hard to distinguish a direction. There was only one thing that could be used as landmark, a large light column that rose to the sky.

Ice crystal floor, an upside-down sky, two moons, and a beam of light…

Du Ze: Why does this scenery seem so familiar?

He should know this place, but he just couldn’t find it in his memories… It’s like when something was at the tip of his tongue and he could almost but not quite remember it.

Du Ze put that thought aside for now since he couldn’t remember why this scenery was familiar. Maybe later he will remember. Du Ze quietly looked at the endless empty space. Now he knows how the male lead in “Shadow World1” felt. The first sentence that popped into this head was: This was really a barren land, ah! Not even a single blade of grass or an ant could be seen!

Q: What does this mean?

A: If there is nothing, then what can he eat!

This was a very mundane problem. In order to not become the first person transported into another world who died because of hunger, Du Ze decided to start moving. Not having a real destination in mind, and since there were no landmarks except for the column of light, Du Ze headed in that direction. He just wanted to find a place where there were people. The language barrier was not that important, his priority right now was: Food ==+

Du Ze’s moral integrity was shattered.

As he walked, the sky turned from dark to light. This place had day and night skies, the two of them revolving around the sky. The starry night sky that was directly above Du Ze before had moved down to his feet while the blue sky was now above. Du Ze did not see any creatures along the way and the landscape was still silent.

Distressed, Du Ze looked at the headphones in his hand. When he was transported into this world he had not received any advance warning and the headphones’ battery only had enough power for half a day so now it has no energy at all.

Find a charger.

Find a charging station.

Find food.

Du Ze rubbed his empty stomach and looked at the column of light that was still far away. He suddenly remembered the old saying: it looks very close but it is far away.2

Either he would die of exhaustion or of starvation, there seemed to be no other choices.

The situation being what it was, Du Ze had no other choice. He reluctantly put his headphones into his pocket, gritted his teeth and continued to walk. However after walking from day to night, the four corners were still empty, the column of light was still far away, and the already bitter reader became even more bitter. However, perhaps due to excessive hunger, Du Ze no longer felt hunger pangs.

Walk then rest; walk then rest for a longer time; walk until exhaustion then lie on the crystal ground to sleep; wake up and continue to walk towards the pillar of light – he continued doing this for what seemed like forever.  After repeating this routine for four to five days, Du Ze discovered something very unusual. A person who does not eat or drink can live up to five days. From the time when Du Ze crossed over, he had not eaten rice or drunk any water but he is still able to walk. Along the way, sometimes he felt hungry and thirsty but after some time the hunger and thirst eventually disappeared.

Is this the legendary golden finger? Looks like the great god is not very reliable, giving him a legendary cheat, but… don’t be so random, ah! The given skill should also have a name, ah! I’m begging you, please leave me a user guide!

Because the great god did not give him the user manual for the golden finger, the reader could only do his own research. Du Ze stopped for a while then began to explore his “skill.” Anyway, within half hour he will start to feel hungry. Considering his stomach problem, his golden finger should relate to physical strength.

The first experiment was strength. Looking at the empty space around him, the only thing available is the crystal ground below his feet. But he doesn’t know how hard it is, so even if he is able to break the crystal, he has no frame of reference.

Therefore, Du Ze was happy to pick his only companion: I choose you, Doujinshi!!3

The doujinshi. Reading this book triggered Du Ze’s crossing over into another world. If you are not reading this at BC novels then you are missing these interesting illustrations.

Du Ze, holding the book with his two hands on each side, suddenly –

“Rip -”


The silent doujinshi laughed at the unlucky reader who was jumping up and down in pain while holding his fingers.

Ouch!  The skin of his finger was torn,  Q 口 Q !

This act ended with the reader’s resentment towards his book companion soaring.

For his speed, reaction, and other physical tests, Du Ze could only use two words to sum up the results: ha ha.

Once upon a time, there was a reader who was transported into another world. He had a golden finger. That cheat was not power or martial arts skills, but… to never feel hungry.

Your mother, what golden finger?! This is a golden monkey! Useless… _(:3」∠)_

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  1. Title of a film.
  2. 望山跑死马, a literary allusion to “Journey to the West.”
  3. This line is a reference to Pokemon: I choose you, Pikachu!!

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