Chapter 3.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 3.2 – Reader: I1 crossed over into another world…

Du Ze flipped the keyboard.


The doorbell rang. Du Ze closed the home page browser window, exhausted. The protagonist had taken over the Demon race’s forces and was currently directing his armies to attack the Sky City. Naturally, the city’s inhabitants defended themselves and launched their strongest weapon. The protagonist was hit, fell into the sea, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive. Seeing everyone happy that the protagonist (probably) died, Du Ze had to suppress the pain of his emotional wounds.

His mother knocked on his bedroom door. “Ah Ze2, your package.”

Du Ze instantly jumped up and took the parcel. “Mixed Blood” has already published a physical book. Du Ze had ordered a copy mere seconds after the pre-order button was available. After waiting two months, he finally had the book in hand. Du Ze carefully opened the package. Just seeing the title “Mixed Blood” on the cover almost moved him to tears.

Though the novel’s contents hurt him and the protagonist’s character has been destroyed, Du Ze still loves this book to the point of death. He gently touched the cover of the book which depicted two people, probably the protagonist of “Mixed Blood” and his biggest enemy. Although the cover that he had seen in the pre-order page was different, Du Ze still can’t wait to open it.


Oh, that’s not what your lower mouth is saying right here…? Or is my Demon form not enough for you? Did you like it when I used my Beastkin form to make you lose control of yourself3 yesterday?]

He must have opened it in the wrong way!

He must have opened it in the wrong way!

He opened it in the wrong way!

It’s not the way to open it!

It’s not the right way!

The way isn’t right!

Wrong way!

Not right!



The moment Du Ze opened the book it was like his eyes were blinded by a strong flash of light emitted by the hardcore content.

Damn it! Who sent him this evil book?

Du Ze sent off an angry email to the seller. The seller kept apologizing because they had made a mistake by sending him the “Mixed Blood” doujinshi instead of the actual “Mixed Blood” book. In order to quell Du Ze’s anger, the seller promised to immediately send the real “Mixed Blood” book. Du Ze won’t have to return the doujinshi.

F*** who wants this kind of book that destroys the readers’ three views?

Du Ze looked at the contents of the book then instantly turned his head away. He knows that “Mixed Blood” is popular among a certain group of people. Those sisters liked to ship the protagonist and his enemy. When the two of them fight, those girls always squeal “It’s so cute! They are so cute together!”

Du Ze stared at the doujinshi with a serious expression.

This pupil is not curious! This is merely the spirit of academic exploration!

It has been said before that Du Ze looks elite when he puts on airs, especially since he wears glasses that make him look more intelligent. The silly Du Ze then gravely opened the book.

Huh? Isn’t the content is contrary to common sense? In the original book the protagonist can change into various forms: Angel, Demon, Elf, Orc, Gnome, Human, Dragon, and Lich… with this many forms there can be many types of pairings. In one week there won’t need to be any duplicates. The bed, earth, sky, sea, forest, cave… is it really alright to engage in such practices with the Lich at the sea of undead souls??? (P.S. No problem = It doesn’t matter)4

A feeling as though something invisible was broken into pieces…

Du Ze unemotionally pushed up his eyeglasses. Looking up at the two moons in the sky then looking down at the doujinshi again, Du Ze felt the urge to send an email to the past. He wanted to suggest that the next doujinshi should be set in outer space because the earth can no longer stop the invasion of the gay men…

Du Ze paused, and looked up again at the two moons shining brightly.

Silent for a while, Du Ze tucked the book under his arm, calmly took off his glasses, rubbed them clean, and then put them back on.

The yellow and purple moons were still there. The wind sighed across the desolate landscape and over the cold, lonely, and helpless Du Ze.

December 20, 2012, the day before the end of the world, a reader crossed over into another world.

Attributes: Smart appearance, internal stupidity, tsundere,5calm on the outside, crazy inside 6.


[V-neck sweater + White shirt + Black trousers] x1 (Defense +3)

[Glasses + Headphones] X1 (Sensitive +2)

[Hardcore doujinshi] X1 (Charm +10)

Mode of transportation into another world: Read hardcore yaoi doujinshi.

…… It’s not scientific!



As he walked, Xiu supported himself with the sickle. He was badly injured. He would be dead now after the knights’ attack if that piece of metal hadn’t transformed into a sickle capable of cutting through space. He would have died, truly “died” (not this undead state), without leaving a single trace of himself in the world.

Xiu swayed as he walked, every step uncertain. His skull and bones rattled as though he was about to fall apart at any moment. He did not know where he could go. This chaotic continent, though quite large, had no place for him.

Escape… escape…

Why was he trying to escape?

I do not want to die – I do not want to die –

Why don’t you want to die?

A mocking voice was saying: why not just die? You know, nobody needs you, everybody wants you dead.

Hearing that voice, the soul light in his eye sockets grew dim, soon to be extinguished. He gasped, dragged his feet, and staggered, still desperately walking forward.

As he walked he remembered how everyone looked at him with hatred and malice.

He thought of the girl he had rescued. The moment she saw what was under his hood, her face was distorted with hatred and she said she would rather be defiled by those men than be rescued by him.

He thought of the the time when he had slaughtered a group of bandits who were razing a village. The rescue team hadn’t even hesitated to put the blame on him for destroying the village even when they saw him killing the bandits who had done the deed.

He remembered…

Daniel said, smiling: Xiu, sorry, the best thing you can do now is to die.

The cruelest thing is not being hopeless but to be given hope, only for that hope to be crushed.

The voice said, mockingly: “When you die, everyone will be happy.”

The faint soul light was pushed to the extreme and was extinguished for a moment before it suddenly burned brighter. The skeleton stopped, painfully bent his waist and roared silently in his mind.

He is not willing to accept it-!!

Why, why why ah ah ah –

Why treat him as evil? Why chase him? Why betray him? Why… abandon him…

If a skeleton could shed tears, the white cheekbones would be stained with scarlet blood.

Since the world has deserted him, why can’t he abandon the world?

That weak thought suddenly appeared and quickly spread like wildfire through his brain.

Since everyone thinks that Xiu is evil, then …

In the darkest part of the night, right before dawn, the knights caught up with Xiu. They saw the skeleton, dressed in black robes and holding a sickle, silently laughing like a madman.

Kacha – Kacha – Kacha – Kacha –7

The strange sound was terrifying. Xiu stopped laughing, cast one last glance at his enemies, then turned around and staggered into the Lost Land.

The forbidden area of death.

When you die, everyone will be happy.

But he was unhappy.

The skeleton chuckled.

So, to make him happy, everybody should die, hmm.

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”

The author has something to say

Reader: I crossed over into another world… QAQ8

Author: I am very satisfied = = +

Protagonist: (glances at the reader, ready to play)

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xiu human form
Xiu in Human form, before blackening

(Translator’s Note: The author posted the image above in the chapter.)

  1. (小生) xiao sheng – (court. used in self-reference, by scholars or pupils) your pupil or a young male actor
  2. Putting “Ah” before the name of a person denotes affection and intimacy. It’s normally used by family and close friends.
  3. Um, it literally said “make you incontinent” but I am guessing it actually means “made you lose control.” Probably. Unless it was a fetish thing.
  4. The parenthesis was in the raw and it’s a P.S. from the author, not from Du Ze.
  5. Literally: 傲娇 “ao Jiao” meaning someone who acts arrogance to cover up shyness.
  6. 闷骚 someone who appears boring but is crazy on the inside.
  7. Probably the sound of his teeth or the bones chattering.
  8. Crying emote.

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