Chapter 3.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 3.1 – Reader: I1 crossed over into another world…

Du Ze flipped the keyboard.

What was this about a good stallion YY novel? Huh? The plot is a **** prolapse! There is no god! ****! Argh! Du Ze was highly agitated and cussed out the author.2

Find the address! The address of the author! This pupil wants to organize a group to confront3 the author –

Right at that moment, Du Ze really wanted to become an upgraded version of Sadako4 and crawl through the network cable to die along with him.

The author is bullying the poor protagonist.5

Kill, kill, kill, kill!

Du Ze could barely contain his anger as he opened the home page’s comment section. Sure enough, the comments were chaotic. Almost all of the readers of “Mixed Blood” were unhappy at the plot’s abrupt about-turn. Countless people were asking if the author has recently been “stimulated.” In the comment area, many readers were kneeling or trying to act cute to ask the author to stop the abuse. The plot of “Mixed Blood” was now too dark, it cannot afford to get even worse. But no matter how much the readers tried to appeal to the author or threaten him, he remained completely unmoved by their pleas. The plot was still a mess.

Du Ze stopped scrolling the mouse. He looked at the comment that had started the whole thing for him. It was a pain in the balls and was once again at the top. Du Ze read the comments:


User[Carp]: LZ this was your wish.

User[WhoOwnsThisMirror]: Bah, who is this guy who has the ability to influence Qiu???


A group of fans were fighting about it. Some people thought that this is all because of Duzi’s comments – the author took note of his criticism and incorporated his feedback into the story. Others insisted that the current plot was always Qiu’s original plan and he was not affected by Duzi’s post. The two sides agreed that each person is entitled to his own opinion. The only thing they all agreed on is that Duzi is a ****.

… Your mother!6 Why look at this! =皿=

Du Ze’s finger on the mouse trembled and he went back again to the story’s home page. At this time he found that the news section had been updated. Ye Zhi Qiu said: The author is not stimulated, but got some inspiration, the plot of “Mixed Blood” is now very satisfying, I hope you like it, haha.

Du Ze stared at the four characters saying “some inspiration” and was moved to tears.

After seeing the author’s post, he felt like his knee was struck by an arrow. A hornet’s nest was broken.

The author got some inspiration, so he responded decisively.

“Mr. Inspiration,” holding on to his injured knee, silently started to write another comment. To prevent the destruction of the world, for the sake of world peace, he had to do something. Du Ze had seen that the readers who acted cute or pleaded with the author to have mercy on the protagonist were unsuccessful. Based on his behavior, Du Ze thinks that even if “Duzi” apologized, the author would just say “Oh,” then… no, that wouldn’t work. The author would just continue to what he was doing and the protagonist would continue to die.

Du Ze ground his teeth and typed – since the author wants “inspiration” then this unhealthy, broken person will spray it one more time. No matter what, the protagonist can’t be more tragic than now.

User: Duzi, Comment: “Mixed Blood”, Rating: 1, the review section: 35

The main character is being chased like an X? Way too weak! (So don’t abuse him, please. QAQ7)

The protagonist is rubbish so he should simply die, he is not powerful, he’s worse than before the Holy Saint. (Kneel before the cute master8.)]

Du Ze worriedly clicked on the “submit” button then waited for the author to respond. That day Ye Zhi Qiu didn’t appear again. The reader was extremely fearful and apprehensive because the comment he posted was once again on the top of the comment section where the author was sure to see it.


The next day, Ye Zhi Qiu finally uploaded three new chapters of “Mixed Blood.” Du Ze read the “update” section and opened it.

The protagonist battled with the Knight squad. If he had not taken that piece of metal from the tower, he would have died and it would have been “The End” for “Mixed Blood.” ~ The author could fart it out and write a new one.

The protagonist had no other choice but to run away to the most dangerous place in the mainland: the legendary forbidden area of death, the Lost Land. When this happened, all of the people stopped chasing him. In their view, the protagonist who entered the Lost Land was as good as dead since no creature can escape from that place.

Of course, the author does not intend to end “Mixed Blood.” For the injured protagonist, the Lost Land was the best place for him to adventure + level up. That was where he can recover from his injuries and discover more about that piece of metal. The protagonist started to cultivate the blood of the undead, then …he blackened9 into a complete mess.

Du Ze: …

This sentence can describe the reader: he expected the beginning but did not guess the end.

The “Mixed Blood” main character started to become twisted, cruel, and bloody. His three views were greatly distorted10. He no longer limited his actions; the blackening was complete; and the protagonist became anti-life, antisocial, anti-mainland. He desired to stand at the top of the world then destroy everything. This was the ultimate BOSS villain’s ambition. However one looked at it, the story can’t possibly come to a good end now!

Du Ze silently contemplated the protagonist’s cruel, bloody, and abnormal performance. Now he just felt tired, the love was just gone …. _(; 3″ ∠) _

For a YY novel, the protagonist’s ultimate goal should be to rule the world. The entire world should be divided into: mentor, harem, brother, and cannon fodder characters. The mentor teaches him skills; the harem has all of the most beautiful women in the world that can’t escape the hero’s grasp; the younger brothers are used to reflect the protagonist’s glory; and cannon fodder is there for the faceslapping. Long live the protagonist!

For the protagonist of “Mixed Blood,” his ultimate goal was to destroy the world. The entire world was divided into: useful and useless. Regarding useful people, in the words of the protagonist: “Oh! … being used is their only reason for existence.” As for useless people, the protagonist said, “Useless? Then go to hell.”

Ah, damn….Du Ze’s tears fell. Who is this? Who? Who has become the ultimate villain and end BOSS? Who can tell him why the main character has blackened and twisted, never to return to his former cute and cheerful self?

Now the protagonist’s allies will be those who were deceived by him, or believe in his anti-life, antisocial, anti-mainland views, or are forced to work to the death by him, or they want to die together with him.

Even if he were to capture the younger sisters and create a harem, most of them will have to be taken by force. Although they will later fall in love with him, this type of love-hate relationship is doomed. They will only commit suicide together in the end.

The story of “Mixed Blood” has now derailed so much that the reader was very grieved. The author was bullying the protagonist so cruelly that some fans have dropped the novel because they were unable to endure the latest developments. Du Ze has been following “Mixed Blood” silently even though lately every chapter has made him want to puke blood into the author’s face. The thought that he might, perhaps, possibly, have caused all of this, made Du Ze feel as though all the blood would just bounce back into his face, forming a sticky mess.

He has been behaving badly and wasting his life.

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The author posted this in the original chapter raws:

du ze reading
Du Ze reading that doujinshi
  1. (小生) xiao sheng – (court. used in self-reference, by scholars or pupils) your pupil or a young male actor
  2. Some Chinese curse words here.
  3. 刷 meaning brush or wash away shame
  4. Sadako from the movie The Ring.
  5. Literally “The author is unkind to the protagonist who is like an ant to him.”
  6. A common way of swearing in Chinese.
  7. QAQ is the crying emote.
  8. I believe he means Saint Vivian, right??? Let me know what you think in the comments.
  9. Blackened meaning turned bad or evil. Like when a formerly cute, naive, and kind character turns into a manipulative, ruthless killer.
  10. Three views, in general, refers to the world view , values , and outlook on life.

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  2. Huh? Wait. I don’t mean anything bad by this, I’m just confused. If Du Ze is deaf, why was he wearing earphones when he fell asleep and also on that art?

    1. Not all deaf people are entirely deaf. I have a friend who’s sister is deaf but she wears special headphones that can help with translating sounds.

    2. imeatingmelons

      Thanks! Just finished reading and it was in the next chapter that the headphones was explained to be a hearing aid of sorts 😊

  3. Reading this so far has made me seethe with contempt. The blatant sexism baffles me. Women aren’t just objects and to be placed in a harem. I want to give it the benefit of the doubt, as I am only about 3 chapters in. I will try to keep reading on.

    1. I think the author is just referencing the common tropes which stallion novel characters fall into (dumb villains who exist only to be humiliated by the protagonist, female characters who have no character development or important story role besides being a love interest, etc)

    2. They were talking about the tropes that were common in these sorts of novels, not their views about women in general. Perhaps you should read things more closely than assuming these sorts of things immediately.

  4. I think the Holy Saint comment refers to the first comment Duzi left. In it he said that the protagonist was too holy (or something along those lines) because he saved even the people that hated him. So in this new comment Duzi is saying that this protagonist is worse than the first holy-acting one.

  5. ‘Inspiration’ I’m pretty sure all the fans of Mixed Blood were seething in anger while poor Du Ze was crying holding his tiny broken heart. As I previously wrote, Ruthless Author! and heartless now. I wonder if he took advantage of Du Ze? He wrote five books, why did some of the fans drop this one? Did he use Du Ze to write his first blackend, ruthless and manpulative protagonist?

    1. You’ve got a point 🤔
      After writing 4 novels with the same synopsis and the 5th one was about to look the same as previous ones I was a bit sceptical about that “author’s” popularity. It looked more like his fans were die-hard fans and there was no “fresh blood” among them. Tbh, I wouldn’t read any of his books- I hate harems.
      So when mc went ooc and turned into pseudo/tsundere anti fan his comments were “something new”… in optimistic version “author” really might be inspired by mc, in less optimistic case he was already thinking about changing the plot and used MC’s comment as an excuse.
      I mean that guy is intelligent, even if he wrote using cliche plots his style was “refreshing” so many readers stayed with him. With his IQ definitely above average I’d expect that he’s also a bit scheming.

  6. Hmm. I thought “cute master” referred to Xiu, like the way he was before blackening. But Saint Vivian makes sense too. Ahhh Du Ze. Your valiant effort has backfired. This author is evil. I like it.

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      But this upgraded version? Especially since we know that mc will become a part of that story??
      I’ll be honest: I’d read the “angst” part, curse the “author”, but go through the novel anyway, till mc would show up, come and “heal” ml broken heart, introduce some fluffy, funny moments later, and some smuts as well… 😏
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