Chapter 73 – The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

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(Note that this extra is Chapter 73 in the raws. The next chapter will continue the story. For now, enjoy this extra.)

Chapter 73: Extra: Airplane’s Fortuitous Encounter

Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky was a stallion novel writer.

A relatively reputable stallion novel writer.

A stallion novel writer who, even on the Zhongdian novel site with writing deities running all over the place and lesser writers sprouting up like grass on prime soil, was spoken of by others with some frequency.

That perseverance in cramming three years’ worth of work into one, releasing ten thousand words a day with expert speed and willpower, those periodic eight-chapter burst releases, that daring energy engulfing the whole country. To those writers who had followed the same path up from openly prostrating themselves on the streets, it was a legend only to be glimpsed but not attained, a myth that would take audiences but not demands.

Those harem episodes which had their integrity eaten by dogs, as well as those storylines which had their IQ eaten by dogs, merely signified the defining characteristics of his style enthusiastically discussed by his millions of readers.

Regarding his works, the most common assessment was: “A mindless book.1 Of course, it’s a mindless book! But what a satisfying read!”

That’s right, Airplane Flying Towards the Sky’s newest masterpiece, 《Proud Immortal Demon Way》, was that typical kind of novel with many haters but even more fans. This sort of plaything was collectively known to everyone as a red book with no reputation.2

The people who liked it loved it, and the people who hated it could stomp it into the shit and spit on it several times without satisfying their hatred. This type of controversial work would always be a prime breeding ground for people picking fights.

For example, right now, while Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky was mindlessly hammering out today’s new content, he opened up a certain well-known novel forum, ready to spout nonsense to freeload points. Hurriedly sweeping his eyes over the page, the first glance made him shudder, having landed on a trending post with an aggressive title bearing his pen name and the title of his book fiercely bobbing up and down on the home page.

This was not the first time he had been on the scene while people were fighting over his works. As always, Airplane Shooting Toward the Sky didn’t hesitate to join in on the excitement, gleefully clicking on the link.

Sure enough, it was a familiar recipe, familiar taste.

#1 Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword【OP】:

After reading webnovels for close to ten years, I’ve never seen a cultivation novel as rotten as Proud Immortal Demon Way. Ah wait, spending day and night eating, sleeping, and collecting sisters, and you fucking tell me this is a cultivation novel? The logic can go die, the writing style can go die, and the author can [bleep] with it, last year I bought a pack [rage] [rage] [rage]. People who like this book come here and tell me, what part of it do you even like? What sort of mindset do you have to be in? How much do you have to hate everyone else to recommend this book? I really can’t bear it, I’m done!

#2 Your Infatuated Pupil:

I’ve wanted to roast for a long time [sweating]… is there even any meaning to the ranking system? There’s no difference between the golden core in the nascent soul stage and in normal people, everytime I see more writing about eating food and sleeping ah I can’t bear to continue, it’s really just spare decoration. And face-slapping once or twice is alright, but if you face-slap thousand times in the same way it’s really just boring. In short, it’s simply not as cool as they say, there’s a bit of an Amway scam feeling to the whole thing…

Anyways this book’s fans are very swift and fierce, I’d estimate they’re going to gang up on you soon, best of luck OP, I’ll send you a pot lid, I’m out.

#3 Swordsman Must Say:

The writing is shit. All the readers are idiots.

#4 You, This Sin Cannot be Forgiven:

Who are you calling an idiot up there? What a low character.

#5 Taking Red For Green, One After Another:

Before I jabbed open this post I knew it would be going in this sort of direction. Every time people start chatting about this book they start arguing ╮( ̄▽ ̄”)╭ I’ve never seen a single exception. Pull up a chair and watch the fun.

#6 You, This Sin Cannot be Forgiven:

I’m bored to death of you guys arguing every time. What’s there to argue about, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people won’t like it, it’s really simple logic. If you like it then read it, if not then get lost. Write your own story, you can you up you understand?3 OP started spewing bs before they even finished, what’s the point of spewing bs just for the sake of spewing?

#7 Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword:

Watch and see, kiddos. We’ve even gotten a U CAN U UP, this is really just rubbing the dog’s head.4 Kid, read novels for a few more years. Is it really good for you to waste your time on the forums before break, if you can’t finish your homework watch out or your teacher’s going to tell your parents. Just because you like it doesn’t mean other people will like it, I’m quoting your own words back to you. Also, I don’t need to finish eating a ball of shit before I realize it’s a ball of shit, OK?

#8 Sha Hualing’s Little Bell:

(heart) (drooling) (drooling) I don’t think it’s as rotten as OP says, I like reading this book, I like sister Sha, huehuehue~~~

#9 Peerless Cucumber 【Expert】:

I understand what OP is thinking. Lately, I’ve been reading this book straight through, it’s so damn long, long and pumped full of filler.

I’ve never seen villains with a lower IQ than the ones in this book. The average cannon fodder has an IQ of 40 and the protagonists have an IQ of 60, it’s like the author went on a 24-hour face-slapping craze without losing steam. Most of the female protagonists are stupid flower vases, and you don’t even push down Liu Mingyan, the only righteous one? You don’t push down the righteous empress, are you fucking kidding me? Airplane, hand over the girlfriends, I’ll eat this book raw.

All my fellow readers have already roasted it for three hundred thousand words, so I’ll stop talking. In fact, the most interesting thing are the monsters of the Demon Realm, it’d be best if those were written about more. The rest is just throwing fifty sisters into the family, each one doesn’t even have a distinguishable personality. The writing style is so weird, each time a woman appears it’s “her soft chest trembled”, you could at least try a different phrase for shivering mud, a different word would be fine ah? Seriously, what substitute teacher taught Airplane literature in elementary school?

At least the portrayal of the male lead was alright, the transformation from innocent and upstanding to hateful and sinister was detailed and natural, debts of kindness and grudges were paid off, those who should have been killed were mercilessly killed. Seeing that sort of lovey-dovey male lead just makes me want to steal his girl. Bing-ge deserves that ‘ge’, he’s cool enough and blackened enough, I like it, haha!

Shen Qingqiu this cheap person doesn’t bear explaining.

#10 Cang Qiong Mountain Stair Cleaning Manager:

Does anyone here like Yue Zhangmen, I like the warm oil attack the most, whispering, silently passing by.

#11 Warrior’s Hammer

Boring. It’s not written as well as《Immortal XX Battle》, the difference is huge. This is what’s called a real cultivation novel.

#12 You, This Sin Cannot be Forgiven

Teacher, trampling on praise feels good doesn’t it, haha.

#13 Refusing to be a Potholer

The 9th floor’s Cucumber Bro wrote that many words just to hate on it, it must be true love.5

#14 Ten Years of Reading Sharpens One Sword:

To answer floor 12, hehe I don’t dare accept, I’ll return the original to you. Are there not that many Proud Immortal fans who leap up to trample other books? Do you want me to flip through my records for some screenshots to fling in your face?

#15 Cang Qiong Mountain Gate Guard Platoon:

To answer floor 10, Does anyone here like Yue Zhangmen, whispering, silently passing by.

Grab the sister on floor 10! You’re a sister right?! I also like Zhangmen Shixiong! I like him a lot! ☆\( ̄▽ ̄)/★ Is there anything more moe than pampering and indulging something with no bottom line! (??皿?`) It’s a pity the partner was this disastrous a Shidi, the bad ending was so complete I couldn’t read any comfort out of it…

#16: Dear Brother Qingge:6

Don’t resolve that bitch Shen Qingqiu +10086! My god floor 15 can even moe over this type of scum.

I always felt it was a pity Bai Zhan Peak’s Peak Lord died that early, Airplane-juju just refused to write him, or else there would be more CPs to contend with.

#17 Occasionally Filling Holes:

There’s so much info in those last few levels, did this forum get invaded by weirdos…

#18 Peerless Cucumber【Expert】:

Upstairs, calm down. This form has a lot of green Dingding Net sisters [sunglasses]

#19 A Stately Waiter:

It really is true love for Cucumber bro, it’s just the stuff he spews here isn’t as vicious as what he puts in the reviews. Not malicious enough, poor evaluation.

#20: Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation:

The Proud Immortal fans are here to stir up trouble again, I see this book everywhere, it makes me want to puke. This book’s quality isn’t worth this much passion, if you say Airplane didn’t invite the navy I wouldn’t believe it. Sit and wait for the next time the skill emperor opens an invitation, look and you’ll know if he got a ticket or not.

#21 Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation

To answer floor 4: Who are you calling an idiot up there? What a low character.

You’re joking, the schoolkids who like to read rotten books like Proud Immortal have the nerve to talk about character. No one has as low a character as you.

#22 Dear Brother Qingge:

Because those one or two people firing area cannons are all drunk. Seeing floor 20 stir up the discussion, isn’t this trumpeting for landlord… not to speak of anything else just look at Airplane’s update rate. 10k every day and 25k on the weekends, how many people can do it. En, first put the question of quality to the side.

#23 Looking for Hungry Friends at the North Pole Every Day:

This fan wrote some Bing-ge x scum Shen slash (:з)∠) don’t know if anyone wants to see.7 It’s so painful, moe over a cold CP is like going to the North Pole, I’m also just courting death looking for CP in a Zhongdian novel.

#24 Cang Qiong Mountain Stair Cleaning Manager:

The slash writing sister, don’t go! Is it with the eighth letter lord?! Please wuwuwu!

#25 Occasionally Filling Holes:

Airplane really doesn’t know how to write romance plotlines, best if he just doesn’t. I feel like Luo Binghe doesn’t have feelings for any of his wives, he just wants to use them. And I can’t see any of those women with real moving emotion for him.

#26 Warrior’s Hammer:

As long as he collects all the sisters it’s fine, it’s whatever if there’s emotion or not.

#26 Peerless Cucumber【Expert】8

Filling Holes Bro on floor 25, you’re joking, you want Airplane not to write the harem? Two-thirds of the book would be gone.

#27 Taking Red For Green, One After Another:

But I feel like I can see which peak lord has real moving emotion for which peak lord… hoping for the skies. Seriously speaking, the scenes he wrote with emotional interactions between brothers were all much more exquisite and natural than Bing-ge’s scenes with his wives, they practically contain deep love visible to the bare eyes. Airplane really is a natural expert fudanshi.

PS: The sister on floor 24, beggars can’t be choosers…

#28 Hoeing Wheat is my Noontime Occupation:

【This level was blocked due to personal attack, currently waiting for writer to edit】

Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky-juju, while stirring his instant noodles with one leg propped, nonchalantly rolled the scroll wheel on his mouse, skimming over the forum posts. His eyes automatically highlighted every message from that familiar ID Peerless Cucumber.

Black sniping like a running stream, a cucumber made of iron. Even though this famous lord cucumber would constantly spew criticism without end in his review sections, his subscriptions and urges for updates never slowed a bit. Because of this, he always suspected this person was a masochist.

“Very good, you have successfully attracted my attention.” Like some sort of tyrant chairman, Airplane-juju began to nonchalantly observe Cucumber bro’s bluster in the review sections.

In the end, he concluded: it’s just like if a woman was married to a disappointing husband, itching to ride on his back, grab him by the neck, and shake; kissing and spitting on him with mixed love and hate. Peerless Cucumber was locked in precisely this kind of inextricable chase while giving a loathing “Why can’t I control this damn author of the novel I chose to read!”

“An upright body with a mouth full of resentment!”

Airplane-juju laid down his final conclusion and smacked his computer table, howling with laughter.

This one smack was disastrous. The instant noodles toppled over, splashing all over his hard working and meritorious beloved keyboard, spicy broth flowing a thousand miles. Airplane turned pale with fright, quickly jumping up to rescue it. But, he jumped too high and his foot caught on the power strip. With a crackle, his laptop screen went dark.

After this chain reaction of extreme joy turning to sorrow, Airplane’s face was deathly white.


He was just scrolling forums while downloading movies and padding his word count, his file was still open! Fuck, he couldn’t have lost today’s update just like this, he’d gotten to 8000 ah!

He subconsciously threw himself down next to the power strip, picking up the wire to shove it back in the socket–

And experienced firsthand what could be called “electricity running through the whole body, godly thunder from the Ninth Heaven”.

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Translation by BC Novels

Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Lily of BC Novels.
  • What was our dear author smoking when she wrote this?! Why is there an extra right in the middle of last chapter’s cliffhanger? I sort of wanted to go to the next (proper) chapter instead of this extra but this was the way the author wrote it so here it is.
  • Peerless Cucumber calling Shen Qingqiu cheap made me laugh. 🙂
  • Please let me know if there are any errors.
  • Thanks for reading.

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  1. 小白文, lit. “little white book”. Internet slang referring to a book (usually a webnovel) with very basic plot, missing essential story elements, and full of meaningless filler.
  2. 红文, in this case, the word for ‘red’ can also mean ‘popular’.
  3. You can you up: Chinglish slang basically meaning if you’re going to criticize something why don’t you try and do it yourself.
  4. 摸狗头, I think this is slang for throwing on random responses to bump the OP.
  5. Chinese forum slang: OP is the landlord on the first floor, responses are more floors/levels.
  6. 清歌亲哥 (qing1 ge1 qin1 ge1), a pun on Liu Qingge’s name.
  7. 同人 (tong2 ren2), refers to people who create fan fiction in general, but slash is more applicable here.
  8. #26 was repeated in the original. I think it was a typo, but I let it be because of the floor references in the posts.

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