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Chapter 78.1 – You know what Xiu will do after Du Ze said that, right?

Chapter 78.1 <– click on that link to read it if you are a bot who likes to copy other people’s work. You can also read it if you want a laugh. Otherwise, please scroll down to the bottom to read the regular chapter for humans. Thank you to Crystal WB, Wildelily and anonymous for the donations.

I’ve been feeling very tired these days. The holidays were a busy time for me and I haven’t had time to rest since then. The next few chapters will be on a different schedule since I need to rest a bit.

Summary of the chapter updates: 


  1. the early access chapter (password protected)
  2. Chapter 77.3


  1. a rather funny little chapter 😉
  2. the censored version of Chapter 78.1

Very soon (irregular, perhaps every other day release)

  1. Special extra “Mid Autumn Festival”
  2. Chapter 78, all parts, complete with “that” scene, no password needed
  3. Chapter 79

I should be able to resume regular daily updates by chapter 80.

Poor little porcelain people!

This is what I thought of when I read about the porcelain people.

It’s so heartbreaking to think of those poor little china people but, on the other hand, they are in the Tower of God which means that the porcelain people are definitely a part of the trial. Is all that stuff even real? The maze is called an illusion.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 78.1 – You know what Xiu will do after Du Ze said that, right?”

  1. Thanks for the hard work! Please take all the time you need to rest; don’t stress over getting a chapter out. We readers can be patient! (Well, most of us anyway… >__> )
    For dealing with the bots; another idea you could try is to take screenshots or pictures of the chapters and post the chapter as a series of images. That way, if someone wants to steal the content they would have to type the entire chapter up by scratch.

  2. Take some time to relax, you deserve it considering all the work you do for us readers and stressful holidays!
    Thank you so much and have a nice break!!

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