Chapter 6.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 6 – Reader / Protagonist: “MUA1

The spirit beast (the Resurrection Stone) has been scared away … What else can save you, my protagonist?

Seeing the reaction of the beast, Du Ze was one hundred percent sure that the cat would not actively appear again. As for chasing and capturing it, the reader, who had never experienced any hardships and is the indoors type of person, would never be able to run fast enough to catch up with the cat. Seeing that the protagonist is slowly becoming weaker, Du Ze desperately tries to recall the details of “Mixed Blood” in order to find a viable way to save the protagonist.

“Mixed Blood” did not elaborate on how the Protagonist was saved by the spirit beast in the lost land. The protagonist just opened his eyes, fully resurrected. For a reader who is attempting to replace the spirit beast and save the protagonist, this truth is very cruel! Asking the author for a detailed treatment process, ah! If the main character was in human form, Du Ze would able to help since he knows a little bit of CPR. But doing CPR for that skeleton, won’t the oxygen just leak through the skeleton’s bones … wait a minute! Du Ze suddenly realized that, although “Mixed Blood” does not describe how the hero’s life was saved now, a later part of the story does give details!

Further in the “Mixed Blood” story, the protagonist will meet a very strong enemy. He was forced to use the Lich form to escape. At that time, the spirit beast was not beside the protagonist. The protagonist did not die, but he was extremely weakened. Being closely pursued by the enemy, a sister2 sacrificed her own soul to help the hero recover. When the battle was over, the protagonist hugged the sister’s body and decided to conquer the Angel Kingdom because he heard that the Angel Race is able to resurrect the dead…

That sister is the one whom Du Ze likes the most (after the protagonist) in “Mixed Blood” because she is the only one who treats the protagonist well from the beginning. Although Saint Vivian, under the writer’s pen, is the main harem member, Du Ze always insists that this sister is the real female protagonist.

To sum it up, the process of sacrificing the soul to the protagonist in order to restore his Lich body is described by Ye Zhi Qiu in detail. The procedure is very simple.

Quest: Rescue the Male Lead; The savior: the Female Lead

Action needed: Treatment.

A: … What else to do but, of course, kiss! Considering the author’s style and the expectations of the readers, it’s a great excuse for creating an intimate scene. The sexier and spicier it is, the better! Even though healing and rolling around on the bed clearly have no relationship to each other in reality…

Du Ze now feels fortunate that Ye Zhi Qiu only wrote a chaste kiss, though at that time he read it, he almost flipped his keyboard in frustration; that was too pure!

The method has been found. Moreover, Du Ze has one advantage over that sister: with the ability to “reset at midnight,” he will not die like that sister. In the content of the original story, the sister did not have a soul that can be reset, but if Du Ze was left with half a soul, he will be able to recover.

First, feed half of his soul to the protagonist, then give him the other half after his soul resets at midnight. This is the natural renewable energy of the new century … this is too much!

The important issue now is how to overcome the psychological barrier of having intimate contact with a fleshless skeleton.

Actually, in “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist’s undead form is not a lowly bone skeleton like this. His true form is a powerful Lich. Even though it is undead, it still has the lively figure of man with flesh and blood. Liches will hide their life box somewhere safe, and as long as it is safe they are not afraid to of being destroyed. No matter how many times they die, they can be reborn. This is the eternal immortality of the Lich. After awakening the blood of the undead, the protagonist has yet to hide his life box when the Temple of Light staked him, so he reluctantly maintained this skeletal shape and was chased by the entire mainland with no way to escape.

To kiss the skeleton version and to kiss the Lich version of the protagonist … the difference is big. Du Ze was comforted immediately3, the only problem was that he had a shadow in his heart. In the crook of his elbow is the doujinshi. In that book there is a chapter where the protagonist (in Lich form) and his enemy do the deed4.

reluctant du ze
Du Ze is reluctant because of the shadow in his heart. Meaning, he read the doujinshi that had some xxx scenes (pictured) which he can’t help but think about. If you can’t see this image then please go to the original website at BC novels to see the illustrations.

Xiu is silently lying at the base of the statue. Although the soul flames in his eye sockets are almost dead, he still has some consciousness. So Xiu saw when the man that was impassively staring at him started to slowly walk towards him.

Does he want to kill me?

The desperate skeleton used all his strength to stand up, but his body was almost dead, unresponsive.

He does not want to die …

Xiu looked at the man in despair as the other squatted down beside him. That man took off his glasses. A pair of pure black eyes were unveiled. Deep inside those eyes there was a strange resolution. Xiu felt like he was being sucked into those eyes. The dark eyes were like the depths of a dark lake, ice-cold, and reflected on the surface was a white skeleton – that was him.

A terrible skeleton. Evil. Terrifying.

Xiu was pained but was unable to look away. His body no longer obeyed him. The reflected image grew larger and larger as the man moved closer to him until there was only small gap between them. Then the man’s eyelids moved down, his lashes covered the darkness and Xiu’s pale mirror image. Xiu was still in a trance as the owner of the black eyes kissed him.

– That person is kissing an undead skeleton.

Du Ze felt that looking at the skeleton was too big a challenge for his weak heart. With his near-sightedness, removing his glasses blurred the image into two black circles on a white patch, but he still decided to close his eyes. Based on the description in “Mixed Blood” he tried to imagine a flame igniting in his brain5. Can this unrealistic process really be successful?

Suddenly, the flames of the soul really did appear. The materialistic earthman Du Ze’s worldview was instantly shattered6.

Transmitting the soul energy to the protagonist through the mouth – the way it was described in “Mixed Blood” – was really difficult for Du Ze. The reader had to disregard his years of YY novel reading to reject the idea of a superfluous, unnecessarily passionate kissing scene. He kept the kiss pure and chaste.7 Author, why did you write the scene to be so romantic?!

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Du Ze about to kiss Xiu
Du Ze and Xiu, first physical contact!
  1. Kissing sound.
  2. A harem member.
  3. If I am reading this right, Du Ze actually prefers the skeletal version over the Lich version?!
  4. A common Chinese euphemism was used. 基 (base, foundation) and the English word “gay” sound alike and apparently in movies the word “gay” is subtitled as 基.
  5. There is something here about the Dantian but I don’t want to explain that concept. Basically, Du Ze wanted to imagine the flame inside his brain instead of the energy center near the pubic region (dantian).
  6. Literally: “Du Ze’s worldview was refreshed.”
  7. The original text said Du Ze tried to keep it pure and “counter-base” which is slang for non-gay. So mentally he’s saying “keeping it pure and no homo!” but I thought it sounded too weird. Let me know if you have an opinion about this.

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