Chapter 62.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 62.1 – The Rules: God Tower will be built.

Even though almost all the gods descended onto the Chaos Continent, there were some who chose to remain in the realm of the gods. One of them was Lord Soth.1 He looked at his long wooden staff. The top of it was inlaid with a crystal ball that showed that the god of light had just left the god realm.

‘This is a good opportunity,’ he thought as his figure disappeared into the halls of knowledge.

The Chaos Continent had experienced seven eras. In the last age, the human race started to dominate the Chaos Continent. Since their race was the last one to become strong, the human gods were weak. Therefore, in order to establish themselves in the god realm, the gods of the human race did not hesitate to join the Bright god’s faction. They became staunch supporters of the god of light and even lent him their worshippers. He knew that the other gods were always mocking them as lackeys of the light god, but they did not mind. If this method gave them the greatest benefit, why not do it?

—— But Lord Soth never recognized god of light as the supreme god.The god of light is seated on the throne now, but Lord Soth believes that sooner or later he will take that position from the god of light.

In order to do so, Soth collected all the information he could find, observing the god of light closely to try to ascertain his weakness. The reason why the light god is able to sit in throne is because of the scepter that can destroy godhood, but even the oldest records do not explain where the scepter came from. After he had observed the god of light for a long time, Soth finally found a clue: the god of light’s palace is off-limits to everyone, even the people who serve the god are not allowed to enter. This strange situation could only because the palace is hiding a secret that the god of light doesn’t want to share with other people.

Soth cracked the god of light’s barrier and quietly sneaked into the god of light’s palace. The whole palace was covered with a splendid light, but apart from the barrier it was completely empty of magic – the god of light’s power covered everything, and he does not dare to provoke the god. Looking at the empty Hall of Light, he knows quite well that if he is found inside by the god of light, his fate will not be a good one. However, if he can find the god of light’s secret, he can topple him from the throne.

He walked down the corridor into depths of the hall. At the end of the corridor, he found a room full of runes. The runes were carved on the walls. Their purpose seemed to be to connect this room to an unknown location, allowing a person to teleport with another person into that location when the runes are activated. Soth walked into the rune room and found a secret door in the corner. He opened the secret door and a spiral stairway going down appeared. There was a strong fluctuation of light. At this point, Soth did not hesitate and went down the stairs.


There was the sound of water. He walked down to the bottom of the stairs where a sea of light elements formed layer upon layer, covering a figure. Soth stared. A rune was wrapped around the powerful-looking body of a god with bat-like wings and curved horns – an exceptionally powerful demon. Even though he was sealed by a rune, one can see that he has a devastating power. Soth had no need to search his memory because the demon’s name immediately floated into the forefront of his mind.

The demon god Bael.

The legendary first demon god and the Lord God of the demon race. Speaking of Bael, there is a very famous story about him: the first demon god and an angel fell in love. After the god of light killed the angel, Bael fought the god of light. No one knew how fierce the battle between them had been. On the third day the god of light appeared with the scepter. All this time Bael had been missing; no one know what had happened to him.

Soth had no idea that the first demon god had been sealed here. He looked down at the rune sealing Bael and thought that he had finally found a way to overthrow the god of light.


“The god of light …”

Hearing the words of the beastkin god of war, Du Ze looked at the six-winged deity glowing with light and thought that the plot was broken – he cannot believe that the author’s moral integrity has fallen this much!

More and more angels started appearing in the sky. The god of light looked down at Xiu. Eric had borrowed power from the god which enabled him to determine the location of the heretic. It’s only been a few days since the god last saw him yet the heretic has already become a false god. The god of light’s hand on the scepter trembled and turned white. He must eradicate this heretic himself today!

Just as the god of light was about to attack, an invisible presence suddenly spoke – it was difficult to describe the grandness and power of that invisible existence. It is like the power of the world itself, the origin of all orders. It did not speak through sound but rather it directly imprinted its message into the mind of all living beings.

The gnome gods and the elf gods stopped fighting, the dragon and the undead’s battle was interrupted, and all the creatures of the Chaos Continent everywhere stopped whatever they were doing to listen to the words in their minds. That mysterious existence told all the creatures in the Chaos Continent: The Tower of God will be built using divine materials. Only the corpses of the gods are missing. When the Tower of God is built, whoever reaches the top will become a god and the first one who reaches the top will become the Supreme God.2

The god of war was amazed and when he looked at god of the beastkin, he could not believe it but he could see that the other had heard the same thing. The beastkin and humans below were bewildered. Though they could not understand what that mysterious existence was, all of them instantly believe what it said, without any doubts in their minds.

—— After the Tower of God is built, you can become a god.

After receiving the information, the god of light hated it so much that his voice began to shake: “The rules, you want to defend that heretic!”

Only “the rules” can force all creatures to obey it. It doesn’t need to explain itself and no one can disobey it. The god of light can imagine how all the people reacted when they received the message from “the rules” – those who climb the Tower of God can become a god. No one can resist that kind of temptation and be able to take the place of the Supreme God. That is the true Supreme God, one recognized by the whole world, not like him who used force to become the leader of the gods.

Almost everyone will obey “the rules” instructions. However, the Tower of God means the death of all the gods. The god of light finally realized why “the rules” had taken the corpse of the beastkin god. “The rules” had planned for their destruction.

The Tower of God will be built, via the Twilight of the Gods.

As the god of the angel race, the god of light is also a target. Compared to the other gods, he knows more. “The rules” is out of control, and it’s all for the heretic!

The wrath of the god of light made beams of light descend on Xiu from the sky. There was almost no gap in between the beams. The beastkin senses are very keen and can prolong their sense of time, thus to Xiu’s eyes those beams descended at a very slow speed. With quick or slow movements, he avoided all the attacks by being precisely where he needed to be.


A dazzling light engulfed Xiu. When the attack was over, Xiu still stood. To Du Ze it seemed as though the Moe Lord flickered from one place to another at the same moment when the god of light used a barrage attack. When the attack was over, Xiu was back in his original position.

Xiu licked his slightly charred claws. There were a few light beams he could not escape which he tore at with his claws. Since his claws were not protected by any equipment, they suffered an injury.

After that first attack, the god of light calmed down a bit. This time he did not use the light barrage. Instead, a large amount of light elements gathered together in his hand. It is clear that this time the god of light intends to obliterate Xiu and the beastkin tribe from the face of the continent.

Xiu’s golden eyes narrowed as he stared at the the god of light floating in the sky. He crouched down before jumping up violently, aiming straight for the god. Some of the angels tried to stop Xiu. Xiu grabbed one of them by the shoulder, his lion ears twitching slightly as he dodged an attack from the rear. Xiu wrapped his tail around an angel’s neck then used that unlucky angel as a broom to sweep away the other attacking angels.

The angel who was caught by Xiu tried to attack but was suppressed by Xiu. Then Xiu stepped on the angel’s shoulder and used it to jump out of the angels’ encirclement. The poor angel was pushed straight down as Xiu’s legs forcefully pumped up to rush towards the god of light. Predictably, he was stopped by a light shield. Eric’s light shield was like an ordinary wall compared to the strength of the god of light’s shield. The light elements were very dense, like the very essence of light itself, and Xiu felt an intense burning pain through his claws that were fastened on the shield.

The god of light and Xiu looked at each other from across the light shield. The other’s smile was laughing at Xiu’s presumption – to gods, all mortals are like ants. How can a mortal touch a god? Even with the power of a false god, a mortal’s power will melt away when they approach a real god.

Xiu jumped down. His hand was completely blackened, emitting a white smoke. Right now the god of light is like the sun, the closer you are to him, the more damage you receive. Seeing that the god of light’s preparation was finished and he was about to launch an attack, the beastkin god of war could not help but take up his sword to attack the god of light. The human’s war god moved slightly but then stayed in place; it was not clear whether he wanted to stop the beastkin god or join him in attacking the god of light.

When he saw the beastkin god moving to attack him, the god of light did not stop gathering light elements in his hand. He simply raised his scepter. A complex rune appeared on the top of the slender scepter and was blown like the wind to the beastkin god. It seemed slow but also like it had broken the limits of time and space as the rune was instantly in front of the beastkin god. The beastkin god of war tried to avoid the glowing rune but he found that no matter which way he dodged, the rune was there.

The light rune was affixed to the body of the beastkin god and was instantly absorbed. The body of the beastkin god immediately stopped moving as though someone had pressed his “stop” button. He was frozen in mid-air.

For the gods, the loss of their godhead is like a human being who was deprived of his right to breathe.


The scarlet liquid fell in front of her and Nina struggled to raise her head. Her beautiful eyes reflected the sight of the beastkin god whose entire body was covered in blood, as though every pore was oozing that red liquid. The beastkin god feebly lowered his hand then fell straight from the air. All of the beastkin stared. Nina wanted to scream but under the pressure of the god of light presence, the sound was stuck in her throat and could not come out. The beastkin could only gaze quietly at the downfall of their last god and silently weep.

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  1. 索斯 (Suosi) – no idea who this is since all the gods were taken from D&D but there isn’t a god there with a name similar to “Suosi.” This time I just picked a Western-sounding name. I might change this later if I ever find a better name.
  2. 至高神 – Supreme God, the god who is paramount over the other gods

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