Chapter 10.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 10.1 – Author: The space-time corridors of the past and future

If there is a single word that can describe the Lost Land then it is: tsundere.1

The Lost Land is enormous and mostly featureless. The only landmark is the giant column of light. The person who wants to go somewhere can’t walk forwards, and he can’t walk backwards either. He can only place his left or right hand facing the column of light and then walk around it … what a tsundere Lost Land!

An ordinary person would only think of walking forward or backward, so most of the people who strayed into the Lost Land died. Only Louis, the undead Lich, survived, found a way out, and afterwards wreaked havoc on the continent.

Du Ze and Xiu, in accordance with the method written in the Magic Codex, walked around the column of light for one month after leaving the abandoned temple. They are unable to use magic.2 Therefore, they can only honestly take road 113 and walk there. It was boring to walk and walk. Du Ze had plenty of time to think back to the beginning of it all. Back then he would never have thought that he would get transported into the world of “Mixed Blood” and meet the protagonist.

… and be abused by him, shi*,4 haha.

Du Ze involuntarily glanced beside him at Xiu. Xiu’s long, wavy black hair was casually tied over one shoulder, exposing a pale, gloomy face. His only colors were black and white. The black was too black and the white was too white, making people feel frightened from the bottom of their hearts. He looked unreal. Xiu walked by Du Ze’s side, his steps neither too fast nor too slow, but perfectly keeping pace with Du Ze. When the reader was tired and stopped to rest, Xiu would also stop and wait for him silently.

Du Ze was moved – the protagonist was black enough to break through the sky so this rare thoughtfulness is like a holy light to him. Even if someone told him the protagonist doesn’t want to expose his back to Du Ze and wants to prevent his test subject from escaping,5 …. still, walking side by side with Xiu, he is …

Du Ze was quiet. Why is it that once the protagonist’s behavior is attributed to his blackening, it always seem like it’s the truth?6

Xiu suddenly stopped walking. This was the first time that the tireless Lich stopped of his own accord. Du Ze was stunned for a bit then realized that they had finally reached the column of light. One moment the pillar of light looked out of reach, then the next moment they saw a huge wall of light that disappeared into the clouds high above them.

According to Louis’ Magic Codex, the Lost Land’s exit was inside the light. If one looks carefully, the wall of light is actually made out of countless dots of light rising up into the sky. The dots of light that are not dazzling are gathered together densely, blocking their view of what’s inside. The reader, who had read the novel, knew that there was no danger and wanted to cross the wall, but he was pulled back by the scruff of his neck by the protagonist.

… This young man is a homo sapien type, not a carnivora felidae cat!

“There is no danger,” he said unemotionally, fiddling with his headphones.

Xiu stared silently at Du Ze. His brows contracted, giving his face a hint of gloom and contemplation. Du Ze’s face was stiff and, because he was being stared at, he began to suffer. Du Ze was also extremely annoyed, depressed, and grumpy.7 he thought that if a normal person were to replace him, that person would have already used the spoiler function on the protagonist.

– Ah8 Ze, he is an idiot, always giggling and saying things that make other people laugh themselves to death.

The hand was icy cold. Du Ze came back to his senses to find that Xiu had let go of his neck but was holding his left arm. Because Xiu grabbed his arm, the doujinshi that he was holding under his armpit almost fell down. Du Ze immediately let go of his headphones to catch it. The unlucky reader broke out in a cold sweat. If the protagonist saw the hardcore doujinshi, and himself in the throes of passion …

System: Your teammate [doujinshi] received an angry strike, [doujinshi] was killed.

System: You’ve been fatally hit, you’re dead.

… It’s so brutal.

neck grab
Xiu pulls back Du Ze by the back of the neck. Kinda like a cat…

Xiu looked gloomily at the doujinshi with dim eyes. Du Ze was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. His first reflex was to hide the doujinshi under his arm again, disguising his intent by suddenly moving into the light wall. Even Xiu was not fast enough to respond to this unexpected action and was dragged into the pillar of light.

A bright light filled their vision the moment they stepped into the light column, then suddenly it darkened. It only took a moment for them to experience the change from the very bright to the very dark. They lost consciousness for a second and when they regained their senses, they were in the middle of an enclosed space. It was a corridor. The long corridor seemed endless and the sides were covered in murals. Du Ze was standing there alone. Xiu had disappeared.

Du Ze was a little surprised. “Mixed Blood” described this scene. He is now in the “Time Corridor.” This is a place where you can see the past and the future. The creatures who pass through the beam of light have a small chance of entering the Time Corridor. Since he was not a being that belonged to this world, he wouldn’t have thought that he could actually enter this legendary place.

In “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist’s halo allowed Xiu to enter the Time Corridor and then see his past. In addition, the protagonist put his life box in the space-time corridor.

This corridor is unique in the “Mixed Blood” setting. A person can only enter it once in a lifetime and he can only enter his own version of it. Therefore it’s the most suitable hiding place in the world.

When the protagonist was in his undead form, he was unkillable. His enemies turned over the entire continent to look for his life box but they never found it. They could only cough up blood as they watched the protagonist carry out his anti-social, anti-life, anti-mainland agenda.

Full of enthusiasm, Du Ze began to examine the murals. The protagonist saw his past here, what will Du Ze see? His past life? It would be funny if the murals showed computers … it gives one the feeling of _(:3」∠)_ 9

– Du Ze’s moral integrity has gone offline. –

The past was behind him while the future was in front. Du Ze didn’t hesitate and walked forward.

The Time Corridor’s murals tell a story.

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  1. Yes, the text really did say tsundere.
  2. It’s not said why they can’t use magic but perhaps it’s because of the pillar of light’s tsundere restriction?
  3. 11路 – 11 road, an idiom referring to two legs, 1 means a leg, actual meaning = walk
  4. 出翔 a slang word for feces. BTW, this is a pretty obscure internet slang, even on Baidu people were asking what it meant.
  5. The strike-trough was indicated by the original text.
  6. I believe this means “Xiu’s behavior can always be seen in either a positive or negative light but his blackening makes it seem like everything he does is malicious.” Sorry for the somewhat awkward phrasing, the Chinese raw is something like “why once the protagonist’s behavior to blackness to explain his seemingly always the truth?”
  7. Literally “egg sore temper.”
  8. Putting “ah” before a person’s name is a sign of intimacy among friends. Example: Ah Lian, Ah Beng, etc.
  9. This is a lying down emoticon but it’s also the seductive emoticon!

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    I’ve never seen that type of hearing aid before… it looks like it transmits sound to the outer ear/pinna? Battery packs/mics like that were more 2000’s.

    Even then, it makes me happy the author seemed to mention (when they first spoke) that the audio quality was really distorted. (This is true of any hearing aid. Even with our current advancements and high-end price tags, hearing devices are mediocre to the human ear. ) I wonder if DZ knows Chinese Sign Language? Or if his deafness was congenital (pre-birth) or acquired (post-birth)? There’s a lot of unfair emotional baggage and lies most Deaf people deal with from “speakers”/hearing community … I really hope the author gets into it and makes that part of DZ’s psychology!!! This makes me excited to read the next chapter!! 😀

    1. Later on some of Du Ze’s back story, including when he became deaf, will be revealed. Thanks for reading!

  2. It is one week AFTER suffering for a while, I think. Also, it may take 1 day to read a book, but to practise?? No. And if Du Ze only “fed” his soul for 1 or 2 times, why write “Every night”?

    “Opposite him, Xiu opened the Magic Codex to prepare the next day’s lesson.” It is not 1 day or 2 days.

    “These past few days he had forced down his resentment, but now he was ready to rebel.” How many days he buid up his “resentment”??? ))

    Well, I’m not quite convinced )

    1. I never said it was a few days as in 1 or two days, lol. A few days like 8 or 9. It still said days even in your example, not months or weeks. The longest period of time Du Ze mentioned was one week.

  3. Hello! You wrote “Why does everyone think it took them 3 years? It was only a few days.”
    My answer – there are such phrases as:
    “For one week he has been rubbing the social barrier. Social barrier: haha. ” So at least one week after a lot of suffering… Also “Every night, Du Ze contributed half of his soul. When practicing the undead curse magics, Du Ze was the test subject. When practicing the undead plague magics,2 Du Ze was the test subject. When practicing the undead darkness magics, Du Ze was the test subject. When practicing undead alchemy magic, Du Ze was the test subject. ” I don”t think it is one or two spells… it is a lot of work that can’t be done in a few days! And Du Ze is already not enough for practise – “There are no corpses.” May be not 3 years but definitely few months or years. Xiu have read his book to some extent to know were to go. “According to Louis’ Magic Codex, the Lost Land’s exit was inside the light.”

    That is why )))))

    1. It only mentioned one week, not one year, much less 3! And the week he was rubbing his social barrier is the few days I am talking about. Months of casting spells? Pfft, no. Why would Du Ze rub his barrier for only a week if he was there for months/years? And how long do you think it takes to read a book? I can read 3 books in one day! That doesn’t make sense. And he said that if he stayed there for three years he would turn into trash, therefore he hasn’t stayed there for three years. It’s all in the context.

  4. He should just keep his doujin under his shirt tucked in-between his belt or something. I’d hate to imagine carrying a book 24/7 in my armpits/hands.

  5. Du Xe sees endless corridor of being eaten by the protagonist…

    Protagonist sees endless corridor of eating Du Xe…

    Both: -_-

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  7. Cute moments are nice and all but what really attracted me to this story so the main character. There are very few MC’s out there with this cold on the outside and panicking in the inside kind of character. He is funny. I like him. The authors notes, protagonist etc are so hilarious. Makes my day 😉

  8. Huh… time corridor? So it should possibly let them see both past and future…. by virtue of Xiu being the Protagonist, he should not see the future… or at least not more than vague glimpses of it… so he will see the past?

    Is this the system’s way of getting around the spoiler block? If Xiu connects the undead gnome to one of his ancestors, he will finally have some proof that Du Ze is a ‘prophet’!!

    And if Xiu sees the past, then the power of plot demands that Du Ze sees the future!!!

    Or maybe I just like duality ..? Ah well… theories!

    Hm… I wonder if they’ll get split up on returning…. also if they will end up on the opposite world this time? No, they just Have to end up on the other side… protagonist needs to power up first if he is going to take on the world…. and maybe learn how to switch between forms…..

    As for the doujin, I just know it isn’t awkward enough yet for the protagonist to see it…yet… personally, it should wait until he gets a till more yan and a looot more dere…. then we have the best setting for either jealousy, embarrassment or domination!! Or a combination of any of the above…? If it gets revealed too soon, protagonist will either think Du Ze wants to fulfill that ‘prophecy’, is a perv, or maybe catch on to what he is a bit too soon…

    Heh, I guess there may be readers wondering when the cute moments will appear, and I am too, but I’ll admit that’s not my first priority… I’m in it for the shenanigans! Du Ze’s inner monologue is lots of fun!! And it’s not often I see a character with a disability be more than a sympathy sponge or a Mary Sue…(not that they don’t exist, a lot of them do, but not often in romance novels)

    Du Ze, do your best!! It’s early in the novel, I just know you’re going to do something awesome/tragic to wow Xiu to the point of yandereness!…yanderedom….yanderehood..? I just hope it leans more to the awesome and less to the tragic…there isn’t a tragedy tag, so I guess I can keep hoping…

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    Anyhoo, TL;DR this novel is awesome, the author is awesome and you’re awesome! Thank you for the chapter!!

    1. Thanks for reading the story! Yeah, Xiu at this point isn’t quite lovable, is he? Just wait!

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      The reader is slowly accomplishing his real task- turning the mc into the greatest yandere <3

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    1. *However, since he isn’t a resident of this world, the future might all be blank though.

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    Well, so far I don’t see any retaliation from Du Ze, he just silently suffer and take the beating, slave character. It takes just few breacks on the road to move him (like a holy light to him). Except restoration he doesn’t have any value, opinion and in place of Xiu I would wonder WHY he is with him, too suspisuos… And they are really lucky they don’t need to eat, and didn’t go mad of boredom, their time together is just Xius experimenting on Du Ze. And it took them 3 years? WOW… It is still interesting to read, but I would like to see more adventures! May be POV from Xiu.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean anything bad! It’s just you asked for a feedback. ))

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    1. Why does everyone think it took them 3 years? It was only a few days. Thanks for the comment. Glad you’re liking the story.

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    Thank you so very much for all these rapid-fire updates! I really love this story so far and I’m very excited to see where this storyline takes us~❤

    1. The Doujin contains scene between Xiu with Daniel, the supposed best friend turn enemy of Xiu

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