Chapter 12.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 12 – The way I grabbed people must be wrong!

After entering the pillar of light, Flandal1 looked at this piece of land that he had missed and mourned for. He stood there silently for a long time. Dissatisfaction and worry flashed in the eyes of the angel behind him. Several times the angel had tried to persuade Flandal to hurry up and stop delaying their journey. But even if the angel race is very proud, the difference between the two of them is too great, so the angel can only endure and wait.

The other person can crush him with one finger. That is the difference between a mortal and a god.

However,  Flandal was in a daze for half a day.2 His eyes full of sorrow, he seemed to be wallowing in past memories, unable to extricate himself.

For people as long-lived as the angel, half a day is nothing. But the god of light had entrusted this task to him so the angel was anxious. He could only hate himself now for not being cautious enough when he left the sky city. He had accidentally encountered Flandal during his journey. After finding out that his destination was the Lost Land, Flandal had insisted on going with him. Everyone knows that in the Chaos Continent, the most tenacious race is the gnome. And the ancestor of the gnome is this small person. Flandal is the gnome god of forging – Flandal Steelskin.

Unable to dissuade the stubborn gnome god, the angel could only reluctantly let the other one join him in his mission. It was okay, until they entered the pillar of light and the god stood still, as though he was frozen solid. Not knowing how long they were going to stay there, the angel was impatient and his reverence for the god of light made him risk his life. “Steelskin, sir, we’re here and it’s getting late …”

His words came to an abrupt halt when a grim-looking woman wearing silver armor and carrying a big sword stepped in front of him.

Flandal’s reverie was interrupted. He glanced at the guard who had stopped the angel. “What are you afraid of? You think you won’t be able to do your duty and complete the task Bright3 gave to you?’

The god stretched out his arms. He was small, but his gesture made it seem as though the huge metal building behind him was in his hand. His voice was full of pride. “As long as he is here, he can’t escape from the gnome’s control!”

In front of them was a huge metal pyramid. Its surface was covered with a large number of black grooves in an orderly design. Only those who lived through the fourth century know what the mechanical civilization of the gnomes had achieved at that time. It had almost replaced the magic-based civilization. The gnomes created many wonders with their machine-based technology, and the metal pyramid was one of them. It blocked the passage between the two sides of the continent.

Some historians say that because the gnome race’s behavior was against heaven’s will, they were all killed by the world itself. The gnomes suddenly disappeared one day. The reason for that is still a mystery. At present, in the entire continent there is only a small branch of the descendants of the gnome race: the halflings.4

Flandal’s expression had a trace of despair as he looked at the angel. He sighed and said, “Let’s go.”



Du Ze saw that Xiu was looking at something in the distance, but he could not see anything except for the pillar of light.

The reader is just an ordinary person, therefore he felt very anxious, especially when his attitude contrasted so sharply with the protagonist’s. Xiu had changed Qian Bian into its scythe form, ready for battle. Du Ze’s eyes were smarting from squinting at the light when he finally saw three figures appear. One of them was a female warrior in silver armor, carrying a large sword that was in inverse proportion to her small stature. One was an angel with two pairs of white wings. Du Ze knew that the more wings an angel has, the stronger they are. That angel must be one of the elite. The one who stood in front was a small fellow. When they had drawn nearer, Du Ze discovered that it was not a child but … a gnome?

The two groups meet.

This is unscientific! Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote that in “Mixed Blood” the protagonist was the only living gnome in the continent. The small fellow approaching did not have a gnome’s beard. Is he just a human with dwarfism? But his ears are pointed! That is not something that a human would have, ah!

Then Du Ze heard the small fellow say to the others, “A human and an undead?”

The small person turned to look at the angel. “The black-haired, black-eyed man, what does Bright want with him?”

The angel seemed very embarrassed as he looked back and forth between Xiu and Du Ze. “God said only ~ ~ …”5

Du Ze … Du Ze wanted to throw his headphones on the ground: I bought a watch just last year!6

The headphones once again became inoperative at a crucial time, but before the battery ran out, he heard a name that frightened him: Bright god.

From Yi Ye Zhi Qiu’s blog entry, Du Ze knew that Bright is the end BOSS! The story behind “Mixed Blood” is Xiu fighting against the god of light because the God of Creation has been asleep for a long time. Now the most powerful god is the god of light. The protagonist has three reasons for killing the god: reason one – to become the supreme god; reason two – the female lead, Saint Vivian, worships the god of light and the protagonist wants to steal her from the god … haha; reason three – later on there were a lot of signs revealing the reason why the protagonist had such a miserable life; it was because the god of light realized Xiu’s potential and wanted to eliminate a rival.

Du Ze suddenly thought of the voice he had heard in the space-time corridor. Could that be the god of light?! The god that hid Saint Vivian and told the protagonist to destroy the world, that was unmistakably the god of light!

Listening to that small person’s dialogue, the god of light was looking for a black-haired, black-eyed person? Author, the script is not right! Why was the god looking for the protagonist so early in the story? According to the original plot of “Mixed Blood,” the protagonist left the Lost Land quite easily. The plot was very straightforward, without too many twists or turns. Why is it that now three people jumped up and blocked their way?

Du Ze broke out in a cold sweat. This is not in the original “Mixed Blood” because the protagonist stayed in the Lost Land for three years. Du Ze encouraged the protagonist to leave early and this is the result. Xiu met his predestined enemies … f**k!7

The angel seemed unable to explain so Flandal decided: “Take these two away.”

After hearing Flandal’s command, the female soldier unsheathed her sword. Her blue eyes were fixed on Xiu. The zero threat Du Ze was completely ignored. She crouched and sprang forward, like a leopard.

Xiu lifted the scythe and bones sprang up from the ground to hold onto the female’s ankles. The female was too fierce and the bones only lasted for a second before they were crushed. Xiu frowned. A magic symbol appeared and sprayed the soldier with a green powder.

“A deadly plague, how unexpected,” said Flandal, looking at the green powder. His eyes flashed in fond remembrance. He did not look worried about the undead magic at all. “Ah, I’ve missed seeing the vicious plague magic of the undead, but …”

The soul flame in Xiu’s eyes flared fiercely. The skin of the female soldier turned a miserable green color but she was otherwise unaffected and continued to advance.

Flandal was still speaking. “… that is useless against Mia.”

Xiu only had enough time to summon several bone walls, but they were smashed to pieces by the soldier’s sword.


bone walls
Boom! Fight!

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  1. Flandal Steelskin. He is the gnomish god of mining and smithing from D&D.
  2. Normally, this is not literally half a day. It’s an idiom that means for a long time but since this guy is a god then it could really be half a day.
  3. The name of the god of light seems to be 布莱特 (bu lai te) which is the English word “Bright.” It’s also sometimes 光明 (guang ming) which also means “bright” (as an adjective) or light (when used as a noun). I was thinking of changing it to Brecht which sounds good and actually does mean “Bright.” But in the end I must respect the author’s choice so it remains “Bright.” Guang Ming is a possibility but all of the other characters in the setting have Western names so I won’t use that.
  4. Uh, I am not sure but it seems to say that there are no more real gnomes but there are descendants who aren’t counted as “real gnomes.” 侏儒 – dwarf/gnome (I translated this to gnome since they are almost the same except gnomes are more known for mechanical inventions in D&D). 矮人 – the two characters mean short and person and it generally refers to dwarves or humans who suffer from dwarfism. The original text is saying that the 侏儒 are gone and only the 矮人 remain. Changed “little people” to halflings, thanks Ren.
  5. The ~ ~ means the sound is distorted since Du Ze can’t hear it clearly.
  6. A Chinese internet slang. Cuss words are censored so a lot of innocent-sounding phrases are used but they mean something vulgar. In this case “I bought a watch last year” in CN sounds similar to “I ****ed your mom’s …” The acronym WQNMLGB is also sometimes used.
  7. 次奥 a word that is used to get around censor/profanity filters. Just a cuss word.

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