Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Title: Every day the protagonist wants to capture me

Original title: 主角每天都想攻略我
Author: 青端 (Qing Duan)


Transmigrated into the body of a cannon fodder villain, Chu Yu has three major worries:

1. How can he help the protagonist turn into a real harem master?
2. How can he develop a good relationship with the protagonist?
3. How can he live properly without holding on to the protagonist’s thigh?

The protagonist has three major worries:

1. Eldest disciple brother changed
2. Eldest disciple brother really changed
3. How can he marry eldest disciple brother?

System: congratulations! ~ sprinkle flowers ~ grow old together happily!

Chu Yu: … Wait, what about the harem novel?

Author’s note – This 1vs1 (no harem) and HE (happy ending)

Translator’s Note: Suitable for all ages (no smut scenes)

everyday the protagonistGenre:

Action, BL, Shonen Ai, Romance, Comedy,


system, transmigration, xianxia, cultivation, transmigrated into cannon fodder


The cannon fodder villain has his name!

How can he endure it?

Chu Yu’s grief and indignation were overflowing. All night long he waited in front of the computer and, finally, he was able to read the current update to see how his namesake, the cannon fodder villain, died in the latest chapter.

Chu Yu angrily said, “He has my name but not my IQ! If it were me, I definitely would not end up that way! Minus points! Bad review!”

He had just finished saying those words when suddenly, his vision turned black. His head hurt like he had a hangover.

Suddenly a pleasant voice sounded in his ear. “Welcome, host, to the Role Playing Game ~ System 007 is here to serve you.”


“Your strong resentment summoned the system to give you a chance to change the fate of the cannon fodder.”

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46 thoughts on “Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me”

  1. I just finished SVSSS and wanted to read another transmigration novel. Right off the bat this one is so similar to SVSSS, but I’m gonna give it a chance. It sounds promising and maybe I’ll like it more. \o/

  2. Hi dear BC Novels translators! First off, thanks for translating this amazing novel! I would like to request permission to translate this work to Spanish. I’ll give you the credits of course! Thanks <3

  3. I want to improve my chinese, so I’m planning on reading the raw while using your translation to help me get through some of the more complicated parts, however I see on jjwxc that quite a few of the chapters are now locked.
    Is there perhaps a way for you to share the locked chapters (and only the locked chapters, since I am planning on buying all the other raw chapters that are still available)?

    1. Hiya, you can just google the Chinese title and you should find them on other websites.

  4. NU Has a smut tag for this story. If that’s not true as the translator’s note implies maybe they should remove it so not to raise our rotten girl Hope’s up only to crush it in to powder….it is why I clicked the link to lead me here, seeing that note makes me so sad…lol

    1. Actually 攻略 means sort of like make somebody fall in love with you…not exactly papapa…rather more like the romantic sense. The word originated from games where you successfully complete games with multiple endings based on your choices and reached the ending you wanted, but it is used to refer to characters and transformed into a sort of like “defeat” sense (which I think is really appropriate because it’s sort of right).

  5. why im doing here i have to work to do, please brain dont start another novel of many chapters is enough this week… please brain!…

    anyway.. thanks for your hard work and wonderful translation!

  6. helloヾ(^∇^)
    I just found this novel while looking around NU and fell in love with it, I also noticed that you wanted some help with the editing and thought maybe I could help, even though I don’t know a lick of Chinese…….., I’ve only done editing for my unis magazine so I don’t know how much different this would be.

  7. The novel is absolutely hilarious! Both MC and ML are lovable and plot is quite intriguing.
    It’s a great pleasure to read such a good translation! I’m only on the 20th chapter and I’m already in pain because there aren’t much left to read.
    And many-many thanks to translator-dono!

  8. Not many chapters but it’s a good start for me to binge. I’ve lost interest in novels so I need to try and find new stuff, this is my last distraction, games no longer interest me and so does life itself

    1. I feel you..I enjoy the life of these characters I read about and that’s the only thing I find interesting nowadays. Is this book enjoyable tho? Like it doesn’t get…boring

  9. Do we got those smutty holy scenes? And holy! 007? Is this a coincidence because there’s another novel [Face of the Devil/ FOD] that has a program too attach to the reader that’s called 007 (in FOD it was a watch)
    This is going to be interesting because Chu Yu is the Older brother of the Protagnist (from what I gather) so Chu Yu probably is the Uke and Protagnist is the Seme (Chu Yu wants to avoid being in Protag’s harem and Protag wants to marry Chu Yu so yeah see that?)
    So if chapter 1 comes out I’ll be in my room probably praying for the BL/Yaoi God to bless this holy novel.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful novel to us fujoshis and fudanshis!

    1. Crazy Stalker Fan

      Actually a few other novels I’ve read also have 007 system in it so I just think it’s a common system name between authors XD

  10. Translator’s note kills my hope
    stop the prayers fellow fujodanshi, it’s hopeless
    #waiting for the chapters to come

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