Chapter 78 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 78 – Loathe to Part

This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.

The quest to find Mei Yin Valley could only be scheduled after the righteous path had sent out the messages that they had accepted the Yun Cuo’s commoners.

Chu Yu was incapable of dealing with this matter on his own, so he discussed it with Chu Sheng. Chu Sheng naturally took charge of it and indicated that he would personally deal with the various clans involved.

Although they had reached Jin He, Chu Yu could not join in the fun with the rest of the cultivator squad as Chu Sheng was there to watch him like a hawk. In any case, he had dismissed this idea when he imagined the carnage on the battlefield. If he just chickened out at the sight of those brutal and horrifying scenes, Xie Xi and the others would immediately extract themselves from the situation just to protect him. If that happened, he would have caused them trouble for nothing.

Chu Yu was also overwrought over the upcoming battle of life-and-death.

Initially, he was trying to cultivate peacefully in the Chu encampment, but he was interrupted every hour as a voice transmitting talisman would fly over. Chu Yu guessed where these talismans were all coming from and expressionlessly received them all to listen to them. Some were looking for him and Chu Sheng, but the majority were for Lu Qingan and Xie Xi.

Most of those messages for the Chu brothers were simply trying to sound them out, afraid that Chu Yu would take advantage of his proximity to Lu Qingan to pull him into the Chu clan. Their words were all somewhere along the lines of “your clan is already big enough, pulling Lu Qingan over as well is too underhanded.” Chu Yu bared his teeth when he heard it. He never originally had the intention to entice Lu Qingan over, but now he felt like using his connection to Lu Qingan to invite him to be a guest vassal of the Chu clan.

Messages for Lu Qingan were mostly a long list of various baits and lures. Knowing that Lu Qingan was frosty by nature and had always steered clear of women, the carrots were primarily rare and exotic treasures.

As for the one for Xie Xi…

Chu Yu’s expression was a little complicated after he listened to it.

Chu Yu told Chu Sheng and the others about the letters when they returned that night. All three of them were expressionless and simply gave a slight nod and an “oh” in response, then behaved as if they had never heard it. Lu Qingan dragged away Shen Nian, who had been harassing him from behind, to teach him a lesson, while Chu Sheng went to discuss matters with the Chu clan’s guest vassals. Before leaving, he did not forget to pull Chu Yu along. Listening to all those severe topics made Chu Yu drowsy. But just when they were finally done talking, Chu Sheng then dragged him to his room for some ‘education’.

After a few hours of sighing and showering Chu Yu with concern, Chu Sheng was finally satisfied and clapped his hands to let Chu Yu off. Chu Yu went back to his room with his head spinning. When he raised his head after entering his room and saw Xie Xi leaning against the side of the bed, his clouded eyes brightened. On seeing this, Xie Xi raised his eyebrows in puzzlement.

Chu Yu’s sleepiness immediately left him as he went over to pull Xie Xi to sit at the edge of the bed before joyfully telling him about the content of those voice transmitting talismans.

Xie Xi smiled and pulled Chu Yu into his arms for a hug. Suddenly, he heard Chu Yu change the topic.

“Does shidi know how those people tried to entice you over?”

Xie Xi was not interested in these kinds of things. But when he saw Chu Yu in high spirits, he played along and asked gently. “How?”

Chu Yu suppressed his smile. He was now in an impish mood. Not caring if he was acting OOC, he pinched his voice and imitated that coquettish voice from the voice transmitting talisman. He said, “I heard that Comrade Xie has yet to find a cultivation companion.1 There are many beautiful and charming female cultivators in my sect. If you are interested, you can come over for a look… If you are not interested in female cultivators, there are also many male cultivators in my sect whose looks are on a par with Comrade Xie’s shixiong… They are all free for the taking…”

Chu Yu’s heart did not falter, although he felt like bursting out laughing. All that’s left for this madam to say was, “For more details, please contact me at this address” before adding her own address.

Xie Xi was still smiling at Chu Yu as he listened to him imitating the coquettish woman. He kept his tone low and soft as he asked with a parched mouth. “Didn’t shixiong get jealous after listening to it?”

Chu Yu, “Why would I?”

Xie Xi tightened his grip on Chu Yu’s waist. “Oh?”

Chu Yu said with a solemn expression, “How could it be possible for shidi to be tempted by these things? Shixiong feels secure with you.”

Xie Xi and Chu Yu looked at each other for a moment. The corners of Xie Xi’s mouth curled down as he pressed down on Chu Yu and took him into his arms. He took a deep breath and sighed. “I really want to see Yu-er’s jealous look. It must be adorable…”

A broad-minded Chu Yu smiled brilliantly. “Oh. I won’t get jealous. Does shidi want to be jealous? Then I’ll go and sleep with my big brother tonight.”

Xie Xi yanked him back and sulked, “Shixiong is teasing me again.”

Chu Yu patted the child on his head and smiled without saying a word.

Chu Yu’s life at Jin He was rather carefree. He even snuck out when Chu Sheng and the others went out.

Only that something had happened when he snuck out.

As long as it was not like Tian Yuan Sect, all those sects and clans who could still take a breather would send their people to the Great Righteous and Demonic War. In addition to those who fought on the battlefield, there were also many medical cultivators. Chu Yu usually would not come across them, so he took a walk around out of boredom and bumped into an acquaintance.

Although the figure had disappeared in a flash, he could still recognize the person after spending a long period of time under that person’s care.

It was Fu Chongyi.

Wasn’t he meant to be in seclusion at Linlan’s Fu Clan?

Chu Yu was full of doubt as he recalled Fu Chongyi’s seemingly empty sleeve when he caught a glimpse of him earlier. He gave a start and hastily turned back to the long street to grab hold of a passerby to ask about the Fu Clan’s camp before hurrying over.

He instinctively knew that he should not merely swing by for a visit. After deliberating for a moment, Chu Yu thanked his unrivaled genius of a Third Shidi and took out the talisman he had drawn. With a leap, he easily crossed through the barrier into the place.

He might have simply made his way in, but the Fu Clan was not like the Chu Clan. There were so many of them staying there that it would be difficult for Chu Yu to hunt down Fu Chongyi quickly without being noticed.

Chu Yu crouched under a withered tree. Just as he was worrying over how to find Fu Chongyi, he saw a sudden flash of white from the corner of his eye.

Fixing his eyes on it, Chu Yu was overjoyed.

It was that fox that Fu Chongyi was always holding.

The fox bounced up and down and ran around in circles at the same spot for quite a while before it suddenly leaped and dashed away in one direction.

Chu Yu had been quietly staring at it. When he saw it move, he hurriedly followed after it and trailed it as it made a large detour around the complex. His face was darkening when the white fox finally stopped before a small courtyard and climbed through the door gracefully and swiftly.

Chu Yu paused instead of rushing to follow it in. He held his breath and moved in closer to the wooden door. There was only a vague voice inside. It was Fu Chongyi’s usually gentle and tolerant tone. “How was it? Did you see him?”

The fox was just an ordinary demonic beast. Its cultivation was too low. Although it had intelligence, it was not like Mei-Er. It could not speak human language, and there was no knowing how Fu Chongyi communicated with it. Chu Yu found it strange and continued to listen to Fu Chongyi’s gentle questioning.

“… Hmm? He’s not injured. Good… He still looked a little pale? I’m afraid his body has yet to recover fully. He still needs nourishment…”

He murmured for a moment, then fell silent as he contemplated something.

Chu Yu’s legs felt numb from all the squatting. Inexplicably, he felt that Fu Chongyi was talking about Chu Sheng. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he could not resist it and stood up to sneak over the wall of the courtyard to peek inside.

Fu Chongyi was still dressed in an outfit of azure blue, looking all bright and gentle as jade. There were faint traces of a smile at the tips of his brows and the corners of his eyes, but his complexion was so pale it was near transparent. He was sitting on a stone bench and gently stroking the fox.

Chu Yu’s gaze shifted and caught sight of his empty sleeve.

The wide and empty sleeve fluttered in the northern wind, and a sense of desolation overwhelmed Chu Yu. Yet, Fu Chongyi’s face was calm and tranquil as if nothing had happened.

Chu Yu’s mind went blank as that guess in his heart was instantly confirmed. He gasped. With his breathing thrown into disarray, Fu Chongyi immediately noticed his presence. “Who’s there?!”

Chu Yu clenched his teeth and leaped into the courtyard.

“Young Master Fu… it’s me.”

Fu Chongyi’s smile froze on seeing Chu Yu, and he stared at him in astonishment. After a while, a faint smile emerged on his face as though he had put on a mask again.

“So it’s Third Young Master Chu. Why are you here? Your eldest brother doesn’t know, does he? Please have a seat.”

After a moment of silence, Chu Yu sat before him. He clearly had plenty to say and ask earlier, but now it seemed he did not know where to start.

That scene he saw in Linlan… Fu Chongyi must really like Chu Sheng. Chu Yu had initially thought he was just stubborn, but he never expected him to give Chu Sheng… one of his own arms.

For a cultivator, losing an arm was not only a physical disability but it would also ruin their cultivation, what’s more for a medical cultivator like Fu Chongyi… The Fu Clan was also trained in the way of the sword. Without his right hand, how would he ever be able to wield a sword…?

On seeing Chu Yu’s concerned face as his gaze drifted towards his lost right arm, Fu Chongyi smiled again. This time, his smile was genuine. He said gently, “There’s no need to worry, Third Young Master Chu. My left hand is very agile.”

Chu Yu could only feel a bitter taste in his mouth. “… You did this for my big brother?”

Chu Sheng’s arm had been corroded by poison. How many arms would truly be suitable as a replacement… At that time, Fu Chongyi had explained it so lightly that he had managed to fool them all.

At the mention of Chu Sheng, Fu Chongyi’s smile stalled. He caressed the fox in his arms and looked up at the gloomy sky, returning to his senses only after some time. He smiled apologetically at Chu Yu, “Apologies. I lost myself for a moment. It wasn’t entirely for Ah… Clan Head Chu. It was also for myself.”

“Young Master Fu…” Chu Yu struggled for a moment, then voiced his question, “Do you… like my big brother?”

Fu Chongyi was stunned. His expression seemed bleak for a moment as he pursed his lips. It was a long time before he replied in a hoarse voice, “Third Young Master Chu, sometimes I really envy you and Comrade Xie.”

They had no need for them to shoulder any family burden, no need to care about others’ opinions. They had Chu Sheng and Lu Qingan to protect them. Everything was so smooth-sailing it bordered on ridiculous.

Whereas Chu Sheng had too much to consider and too many misgivings. He was so indecisive and hesitant that he would rather run away from reality than to face it.

Fu Chongyi had sunk too deep, and yet his feelings were not reciprocated. He might as well give all he could give, then extract himself and leave.

But even if he had written a letter, even if he had heartlessly said not to meet again, he still could not help worrying about him. After all, the swords and blades in this Great War did not have eyes. It was inevitable for Chu Sheng to get hurt…

He had traveled thousands of miles to Jin He. Ignoring the astonished glances of his own people, he had remained quietly in the courtyard, watching over Chu Sheng from a distance.

As expected, he still loathed to part with him. He could not leave him.

He had said never to meet again, but he still could not help coming to see him. After seeing him, he could not help keeping tabs on him every moment… If this went on, who knew if one day he might not help himself and appear before Chu Sheng and earn his ire again.

Fu Chongyi had a splitting headache, but because Chu Yu was here, he did not let the pain show on his face. He lowered his eyes and looked at the fox in his arms calmly.

Chu Yu felt terrible. “… Young Master Fu, my brother needs to know about this.”

Fu Chongyi shook his head. “You mustn’t. Third Young Master Chu, please do not tell Clan Head Chu about this on account of my assistance in helping you to break the seal.”

Chu Yu sighed. “Why go to this extent? If you meet again in the future, my big brother will also realize the truth when he sees you in this state. There is no need to deceive him… If you tell him, you might even have more of a chance.”

Looking at Chu Sheng’s reaction that day, he should not be totally void of feelings when it came to Fu Chongyi…

Chu Yu did not know whether he was right or wrong in saying so, but his intuition told him that regardless of whether Chu Sheng accepted or rejected Fu Chongyi after the latter’s confession, he could not let Fu Chongyi continue to hide the truth from Chu Sheng.

“No, he wouldn’t think it was me.” Fu Chongyi suddenly smiled. “Third Young Master Chu, this is Jin He, where there are many demonic cultivators abound. When I arrived at Jin He, I was besieged by several demonic cultivators and only escaped after putting up a desperate fight. Unfortunately, my right arm was hacked off… There will be no one who wouldn’t believe this story. Even my people believed it. Once I leave Jin He, this version of the story will spread. So even if we meet again in the future, your eldest brother will not think much of it.”

Chu Yu was speechless.

Fu Chongyi was really too meticulous in his planning. As an outsider when it came to Chu Sheng and Fu Chongyi’s relationship, he really did not know how he should intervene; in any case, he could not interfere either. But it was just too unfair to hide this from Chu Sheng, both for Fu Chongyi, who had given up too much or for Chu Sheng, who was being kept in the dark.

Chu Yu spoke to Fu Chongyi intermittently for the entire afternoon until he saw that it was getting late. Xie Xi and the rest who had been out on patrol should be more or less back. Afraid that they would be frightened out of their wits if they did not see him around when they got back, Chu Yu could only bid Fu Chongyi farewell and take his leave.

Fu Chongyi was firm in his stance and could not be moved no matter what Chu Yu said. After all, it was still Chu Sheng’s attitude that made him this way. Thinking back on Chu Sheng’s grim recount of their experience in the demonic cultivators’ territory back then, Chu Yu could not help but shake his head.

These two men… were truly ill-fated.

The moment Chu Yu returned to the Chu camp and stepped through the main gate, he ran into Xie Xi, Chu Sheng, and Lu Qingan. Before Xie Xi could reach out to pull Chu Yu to his side, Chu Sheng had already pulled him over. Looking at the child’s resentful expression, Chu Yu helplessly smiled at him. He turned back to look at Chu Sheng’s hand, and he could not resist taking a second look.

…This was Fu Chongyi’s arm.

It was too unfair.

Fu Chongyi was not willing to give himself a chance, nor was he willing to give Chu Sheng another chance.

But how did Chu Sheng really feel?

That night, when Xie Xi went into Chu Yu’s room to collect his debt as was his routine, Chu Yu kept sighing at his biggest creditor. He was also absent-minded while they were being lovey-dovey. Xie Xi did not know why, so he discontentedly​ ​bit him on the neck​.​ “​What’s wrong with shixiong tonight? ​Could it be that you’re avoiding shidi?​” ​

How would he dare?

Chu Yu had never managed to stop thinking about Fu Chongyi and Chu Sheng since that afternoon. With a heavy heart, he looked at Xie Xi who was atop him and decided to sound him out after a moment of silence. “Shidi, if one day, I was ambushed…”

“Impossible.” Xie Xi asserted emphatically​.​

Chu Yu’s face darkened. “I’m just saying, if… if someone launched a sneak attack on me…”

“Then shidi will make him regret coming into this world.”

Chu Yu fumed, “Listen carefully to the question!”

Xie Xi blinked his eyes in aggrievement but meekly held his silence.

Chu Yu weakly continued. “… Say, I was ambushed and poisoned, and there is no cure. I can only survive if you cut off an arm and replace it… what will you do?”

“Of course, I will cut it off to save shixiong.” Xie Xi answered without hesitation. “Then hack that person to pieces.”

Chu Yu patted him on the back and then he turned over to snuggle into his arm as his mind gradually calmed down. After pondering it over for a moment, he revealed his encounter with Fu Chongyi that afternoon.

Xie Xi frowned as he listened. “How dumb. Although Chu Sheng’s and shixiong’s temperaments are different and Chu Sheng could never hope to be compared to shixiong, you still have one thing in common. That is if anyone does anything without telling either of you, you will only obtusely continue to hide your own feelings and keep quiet even if you’re beaten to death…”

​A barrage of ​​​​bullet​ screen​ messages suddenly flashed​ before ​Chu Yu’s eyes: “​​Proud Shou2 and the local specialty​ ​​of the Chu clan; ​his body reveals what his mouth does not3”.

Xie Xi’s voice sounded in his ears. “If he is willing to tell Chu Sheng, Chu Sheng may not necessarily find himself in a predicament. Sure, the Chu clan will be criticized, but why be afraid of this storm when even the last storm has already passed.”

With a darkened expression, Chu Yu pinched Xie Xi’s face while squeezing the system. “Oh? What has shidi done? Why haven’t you mentioned it?”

Xie Xi smiled and lowered his head to kiss him on the forehead. “Shixiong, both you and your heart are mine. There is no need to say more.”

Chu Yu kicked him.

Chu Yu ended up having a restless night, hesitating whether or not to tell Chu Sheng about Fu Chongyi. Unexpectedly, the next afternoon, while Chu Yu was on his way to the Fu clan, he heard some cultivators talking about Fu Chongyi.

The content of their discussion was precisely what Fu Chongyi had said before.

Everyone thought he had been besieged by demonic cultivators and lost an arm, and now he was sent back to Linlan.

After listening to the end of the conversation, Chu Yu felt a sense of foreboding and rushed over to the Fu clan. He entered the same way he did yesterday and made his way to Fu Chongyi’s courtyard.

As expected, the man had already left.

Most likely, he had startled Fu Chongyi yesterday. As he likely was worried that Chu Yu would tell Chu Sheng, Fu Chongyi had departed today.

Chu Yu blankly sat in the courtyard for a moment before hurrying back to the Chu clan. He had yet to even step through the door when his heart suddenly gave a skip. He turned back to see Chu Sheng riding his sword over.

It dawned on Chu Yu that Chu Sheng must have already heard about the incident and had come back early in a state of agitation.

Chu Sheng had also noticed Chu Yu. He dropped to his side and dazedly called out to him, “Little brother”. Chu Yu pursed his lips without saying a word and broke into a run as he pulled Chu Sheng into the room.

Chu Sheng woodenly and stiffly followed Chu Yu as they ran back to the room. Chu Yu took a deep breath. Just as he was struggling over whether to tell Chu Sheng the truth, he suddenly saw the redness in the rims of Chu Sheng’s eyes.

… As expected, Chu Sheng still cared about Fu Chongyi.

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Reika’s Notes:

  • This chapter is by Lianyin of BC Novels.
  • As some people already guessed, Fu Chongyi had cut off his own arm to give it to Chu Sheng.
  • Did you know that this novel has 80 chapters? We’re almost done with the main story! There are also 8 extra chapters.
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  1. 道侣 literally ‘dao lovers’. A couple of two cultivators who are companions that cultivate together. Could be a heterosexual or homosexual couple.
  2. 受 Shou, aka uke.
  3. 口嫌体正直 His body reveals what his mouth does not. Literally “mouth dislike, body honest”. It originates from the Japanese saying, “口が嫌だと言っても体は正直なものだ”. Basically, it means the mouth says no, but the body reaction revealed otherwise.

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